Fairy Cottage Part I

 To start the opening of the cottage for the summer first I go into this 3 foot crawl space and turn off two water valves before hooking up the water to the cottage from our house water.
For those of you new and don't know the cottage is not rented out it's for family and friends to stay in when they visit us. (Sort of like a big doll house for Nan!)
The little sign for the outside was made by my friend Lorraine that's a gnome walking in front of the moose.

 I love these sweet paper lanterns but when people stay out here they never use them as it's mostly light in the summer. This felt banner was made per instructions from Elizabeth over on Creative Breathing. There are two red cardinals holding up the ends I don't show here. 
 The ceiling is pine I did an aqua wash and the walls are aqua with white wainscoting below. There is pink stained glass in the little octagon window up there.
The loft stairs roll upright when not in use like you see them here. You can't climb them in this position. That's a Murphy bed you see to the left Bob made out of birch with a kit for the mechanism I found on the net. See the fairy in the wall to the right above the bathroom door?
Here is a close up.
There is a red silk curtain on a window that really opens and wall paper on the wall behind the open door. 
Tea anyone?

We like it in here!


Sam I Am...... said...

OMG!!!!! Is that not the cutest guest house! All the little details are so precious! You guys did great! Glad to know there's a place to stay when I come visit! LOL! Just kidding!

Marilyn Barnard said...

You have the life I want. I lived in Alaska for 4 years, but I had to come back to Missouri be closer to aging parents. If I could only visit one place in Alaska, it would be the area you are in. I love it!!! And I LOVE your fairy cottage!

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