Monday, November 14, 2016

Finally a new post from Nan

Hello Everyone,
I'm busy here and don't post much and I think FB has a lot to do with that for everyone who has an old blog don't you?
Here are some felt ornaments I made in addition to the felt birds for Christmas gifts. Both of these are from patterns I bought on Etsy. 
 This cute doll dress was made from an American Girl pattern using some vintage highlights there. 
This is the Sassy Librarian blouse from a class I took on Great classes on there I can't say enough good about them. Don't think you can't learn more if you have been sewing all your life, you can always pick up new techniques. I also will make another Sassy Librarian Blouse out of this fabric. Isn't that cute!

This is a Gertie pattern by Butterick a jean jacket. I need to put the buttons on this I have them. They are metal and put on with a hammer. Mine have a rose on them. The fabric is Chambray and the lining is red satin.
This is a railroad fabric of denim from a kit I purchased from Craftsy. It's really cute with a peplum. I'm wearing gray pants and a silk blouse that I made some time ago.
New glasses selfie here.
The boys say Bye in their stylish new jackets. 

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MJ said...

The ornaments are adorable. I actually managed to have a tree with nothing but handmade ornaments on it for a few years.
Love the new glasses. I always have trouble when I have to get new ones because I have to get titanium frames and I also have to get a larger frame because I wear trifocals and I can't wear the no line ones.
Did you make the boys new jackets? They look very dashing in them.

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