Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello everyone a long time without a blog post so here is a catch up one for you.
 Autumn and I finished our coats from a class. We get more compliments on these coats here in Homer Alaska! They are super cute.
Our Christmas photo this year Autumn snapped for us. 

 Autumn modeling a shirt she made for her Dad as a Christmas gift. 

Me wearing a tweed wool lavender zip front top lined and a purple linen skirt I made with purple wedgies. 
Me wearing a white shirt I made and show in the below blog post. It turned out too large and I took in many of the darts.

 This is green silk taffeta I talk about making in an older post. I finally wore it for the first time to an event. The below top is the same pattern I wore today to our church service. 

This is my new doll. She is a factory Blythe or a fake Blythe as she is called. Good enough for a first one to make clothes for. So far it's a green felt coat and a pair of jeans.
Well I have a new sewing student who wanted to make a quilt for her husband for Christmas. She left Friday after sewing on the binding on the front and will do all the hand work on the back at home. She is going to make it happen for Christmas. She will be coming back in Jan. for more lessons. Autumn will be graduating HS in May and then in Sept going to college out of state. 
I'm in need of another student next year.


Debby said...

It is so wonderful that you can hare your talents with others. I love those coats. You as always, look amazing. I like your Christmas card photo.

Debby said...

Share that would be.

MIS PAPELICOS -Mis P said...

My dearest Nan, I am so glad to catch up with you and to know that you haven´t forgotten me.
You are such a wonderful warm woman and so is your blog.
Happiest Christmas to you and all your loved ones.

Inger said...

It's good to hear from you again and all the things you have made are very pretty. The coats and that purple/lavender outfits especially.

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