Monday, September 7, 2015

New Sewing Project Started (a big one)

This is a new project I have picked out to make from This darling short coat. I just love the look of it. 

here is the fabric it's a Italian Nassau blue wool-cashmere with a viscose lining in the same shade from Mood Fabric.

The coat has an underlining, an interfacing, and a lining. So there is a lot going on there. Cutting out here today is the underlining.
My student Autumn is going to be making this with me and we both can watch a video on my laptop in the sewing room of the steps how to. makes it very easy for you if you've never tried a class please do.
Here I am in the jacket I made with silk from Montmartre when in Paris last Sept. I used a really pretty black vintage glass button on this. The jacket is also lined on the top half in a white silk. The pattern was quite the nightmare and I'll never use one of those again from Nancy's Notions. 


Jewels said...

First of all - diggin your new blog "look" Nan! Very nice. Lovin your jackets - can I send you my measurements and you can make me one lol...Will be time for jackets here soon as signs of Fall are all around us.

Anonymous said...

Hello Nan,
I'm from Sacramento. Really close to Hiram Johnson High School.Think this used to be your part of town.
I so enjoy reading your blog.You are a beautiful seamstress Nan.
Till next time. Take care.

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