Friday, August 21, 2015

Sewing, Family, and Beaches

I finally finished this silk jacket. Had at first black velvet on the waist facing and decided it was too bulky and went with the silk. That is a really pretty vintage button there. I also lined it in silk which it didn't call for. The pattern was terrible to follow, never again.
Next is a blouse pattern by Burda I printed off the net and put together, a real pain. I made a black small yellow rose bud blouse first for fit and then this one. It's fits well maybe a bit on the large size and I had to make the neckline higher. The fabric is a heavy cotton. Vintage pearl buttons.

This is a Gertie pattern from her book. You have to trace them out and pieces overlap making it quite a task in concentration. So far it's gone together fast. I have here two fronts just pinned on the model. Now I'll work on the back. My one student Emily is leaving for Spain the end of the month. I let another one go for not calling me if she had to miss a lesson so I'm down to my star student Autumn. She is taking a bit of a summer break but does show up to sew with me at times. Soon she'll be back weekly as she figures out her school schedule. 
Family was here in July. From L to R that is my daughter, daughter-in-law, my son and me.

In addition to my Zumba Gold classes I've taken to walking with a friend once a week. Here we walked on the Homer docks.

We also walk on the beach when the tide is out in the afternoon. We have huge tide variations here in Kachemak Bay. 

We took the boys out today to this stretch of beach.


Jane said...

I love seeing the clothing you've sewn! Haven't sewn anything recently but I can tell from the details that you are a master seamstress. Your students are fortunate. Both the jacket and the blouse are gorgeous!

Ann said...

Haven' been by in awhile and do like the silk blouse. What will you wear it with? Your picture of you and your family is so good---love your scenery. I ordered some neoprene from Mood and I'm excited to get it. Never worked with it before but have seen some great fashion pieces.

Jewels said...

Lovely stuff Nan. And living in Alaska must be very good for you - you look absolutely GREAT! Cheers. Jewels

Debby said...

I love all the beautiful clothes that you make. What a talent. The last picture of you is beautiful. You have ageless skin. Beautiful. said... look great, dear nan!!

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