Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 2015

Late last year I was talked into going in a senior fashion show at the Senior Center in town. I wore a vintage outfit I had made. My friend on the right is Kathy and she wore a wedding dress that was made for her. She was so sparklie in this stunning gown she won the award for the most glamorous. 
Right now I'm working in this.
This is a pattern I've been threatening to make since 1966  when I bought it. A Jackie Kennedy coat. No kidding that long! I've also had this periwinkle blue cashmere wool fabric for 20 years. It's so special I was afraid to cut it but decided what the heck what do I have to lose at this late date! It is going to be lined in the same color of silk. 
I'm working on the under collar right now after a nightmare of putting in those welt pockets. 
My hens have been doing so well and laying on their best days 6 eggs. One is a very dark green and those two beside it are a light bluish green. I take very good care of them, keep the coop clean and provide all I can for them since they have to stay in a fenced yard due to predators in the area. 
This is a photo from Paris my DIL took, framed and gave me for Christmas. That's my daughter Ingrid on the left, her brother Bobby on top left, and my grandson Michael there in the middle. That's me in the yellow.
I leave you with a sleepy photo of Kalen sleeping on his Dad's pillow. He knows comfort when he sees it. 
* Thanks for all the old and faithful readers of my blog to check in every so often and leave a comment I appreciate you still remember me. 


MIS PAPELICOS -Mis P said...

Happy new year, dearest, Nan.
Thank you for not forgetting ma.
Tons of love

Jewels said...

New year, new projects, new adventures for you Nan! Lovely pics and I can't wait to see how your outfit turns out!

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see your posts, and love them. Happy New Year to you and yours! ~Kimberly from Florida

Jane said...

That coat will be gorgeous! I once had a pink mohair coat in that same style!
No more coats for me these days - recently gave my last - and possibly alltime favorite - to a NYC niece. I remember when I bought it - went into the store to get a classic camel hair coat and came out with that style but in bright red wool!
Now if it's really cold I wear the hoodie I bought in Juneau - quite warm enough for Florida winters these days.
Happy New Year! Jane

Inger said...

I remember both you, the dogs, and those old Simplicity patterns. You are so good at sewing, I'm sure you can pull it off. And I would never put a horse behind a barbed wire fence. They are mainly used along property lines here.

Penny-Rose said...

Happy New Year Nan! I am impressed that you have not yet used that lovely blue fabric and am looking forward to seeing the finished Jackie coat. I am sure it will be fabulous. The colours of your hens eggs are lovely, there is such beauty in nature.

Debby said...

You look great. I love the outfits and coats that you make.
My doggies do the same but the two together are a little smaller than your two.
I'm sure my son c
Would benefit from a special diet. He would never stick to it for even a day. You shoukd see what he buys at the grocery. I wish he was more capable of knowing what is best for hm. Is it freezing there. Love those eggs.

Brownie1 said...

Nan, I am always happy when I check in and you have added to your blog! You are multi-talented, certainly! It will be fun to see your finished coat!
Keep writing and adding photos of beautiful Homer and your lovely dogs!

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