Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crafts and Chickens

 Well I love colors so I had to order colored egg cartons! Since they will not ship to Alaska it took some round about ways but I got them. I'm having enough eggs right now to sell 2 dozen a week and eggs for us to use. I get shades of brown, blue, and green eggs.
 Taken this morning in the frost. We have no snow here yet which is a bit unusual. It was in the 20's and during the day in the 30's. 
 My girl St.Mere a Buff Orpington
 My girl Dotty a Silver Laced Wyandotte. They are all so tame but for one Easter Egger who had trouble laying her first egg and I don't think she has laid one since. Perhaps she will be a late bloomer or a non layer. 
The coop this morning. I have a red 40 watt infrared light in the coop. We had a pink sky. The water is inside the coop sitting on a tin box heated by a bulb inside so it doesn't freeze. Below the view this morning at 9:13am.

 This shelf Bob made me for my Xmas vintage items to get together all in one place. I really am happy with this. The shelf will come down and be stored after Xmas.
 A close up

A couple felt peacocks I made. I've been doing a lot of crafting here for Christmas. 
Below a few more things I've made lately.



Fran. said...

oh my gosh I love your creations you have been makin lately! That fox rocks!!! Thanks for sharing!! XOXO Love Fran.

Jewels said...

Love seeing your chicks - they are all gorgeous - been looking at your pics on Facebook too! I have a much smaller vintage collection - they all fit on my kitchen window sill! Something about the colour and shapes that I just love ...

Majid Vijah said...
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Sandy McClay said...

Where do you order colored egg cartons? lol There is a group on FB called Merry Kitchmas that is really might want to take a look....seems a lot of us bloggers are on FB now.....

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