Friday, October 24, 2014

Trip to Paris 9-11-14

Flying out of Anchorage on Icelandic Air to Iceland then onto Paris. Free food in Economy Comfort. There were only 5 seats here. My son and his wife flew from CA and my grandson from VA. 
 Our Paris apt was right down the street from the Eiffel Tower. We needed room for 5 so an apt worked the best. 

This is my grandson Michael who is in the USCG in VA checking out if the window opens in the tiny shower, it did not. 
 The best restaurant ever was Cafe Constant a Rick Steves recommendation.
Beautiful fruit stands!
Ingrid and Michael my daughter and grandson at the Seine River Paris. We walked here from the apt.
 Botticelli Fresco in the Louvre Paris
 My daughter there in the room with all the big name artists displayed with so much light coming down on them including the Mona Lisa she is at the end of the room. I can only guess that they are reproductions or the lights have no damaging rays coming from them.
The famous Napoleon painting where he crowns himself as emperor. It was hard to get close to this one and also the Mona Lisa so many people from all over the world crowding into see.
Winged Victory at the Louvre.
I will end this here and write another post soon on the trip.  There are just so many photos to go through. 
We spent 5 days in Paris then drove up north to the Loire Valley and Normandy.


Jane said...

Looks like an amazing trip - lots of fun with family!

gpc said...

What a wonderful trip! :)

Inger said...

How great that you were able to travel with your family. I know that made the trip even more special. Great to hear from you.

Jewels said...

What a wonderful trip - and being that close to the Eiffel Tower!

MIS PAPELICOS -Mis P said...

Dearest Nan so glad to see you comment. You made ma sooooooooooo happy

Ann said...

I was in Paris years ago and was enchanted by all of it. The Mona Lisa was smaller than I expected. We spent three days there on a 21 day European trip. The Eiffel Tower was wonderful, so happy you got to spend it with family.

vivian said...

what a wonderful trip! Im sure you had an awesome time. beautiful pictures. I would love to go to that art gallery.
more pictures??
happy sunday

Brownie1 said...

I am so glad you are posting on your blog, as I look forward to hearing your adventures. What a wonderful trip to Paris! Thanks for sharing snippets of your most active life!

Brownie1 said...

Nan, I enjoyed your Paris pictures. Just know that it is also very interesting to read about the day to day events in Homer. Your life there is so interesting to those of us in the lower 48! I feel like I have a friend, even though we only spent a few hours together years ago.

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