Monday, April 21, 2014

Chanel's and other things

 A lot has been going on this month. Here I am with the boys on Easter Sunday wearing my first Chanel jacket I made for the very first time in fact. The skirt of linen had to be made since the other one was small by 2" in the waist, yes I have gained 10 pounds which puts me out of almost all my custom made to fit clothes. I'm not wearing glasses as I've had eye surgery the last two Mondays for cataracts and now have perfect vision. 

The boys here are showing the new toy auction win from Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in AZ. It's all Pan's Kalen does not touch it at all.

A little Easter bunny I made for a friend.

My second Chanel jacket as it sits at this point in time. No trim yet and the sleeves are not in. I will be picking up work on this now that all my students are back from their trips and start this week and I'm done with my eye surgeries.
Chickens and pheasant chicks are in our future as Bob is building my chicken coop and we are expecting a shipment of pheasant May 1st. The pheasant will be raised and released here.


Debby said...

You look beautiful. Your skin is amazing. Love your jacket. This looks like a good weight for you.
such a cute bunny that you made.
I bet it feels different not to have to wear glasses anymore.
That pink turtle is funny. He sure does love it and is proud of it.
Can't wait to see the chicks and the baby pheasants. The adults are so beautiful I don't see them often but they are still around here.

MJ said...

You look fantastic Nan, although I must admit it will take a little getting used to seeing you without glasses after all these years.

Jewels said...

So happy to hear from you Nan - and great to hear about your eyes! Lovely sewing as always and the "kids" are looking darn cute with their Easter goodies!

ImagiMeri said...

Wow, you've got lots going on out there! Nobody does Chanel like you pretty lady. Congratulations on the success of your eye surgeries.

Have a blessed day,

Terra said...

I like the fabrics you chose for your two Chanel jackets, and that sweet little hat also looks great.

LBP said...

I really like you Chanel jackets! So pretty! UGH, I have gained 20 pounds in 2 years, and they have got to go! The pink turtle photo is so funny! My dog carried around a headless lamb stuffed animal for years!



Storybook Woods said...

You look stunning my dear. Ms Chanel would approve xox Clarice

Anonymous said...

As always you are an inspiration! I love the silky tweed and you did a nice job on the jackets. Like Debby, I will look forward to the pheasant stories. Have a great month with Mother's Day coming up...

~Kimberly in Florida

Sandy said...

Your Chanel jackets are lovely and look so nice on you! Good to hear from you because I was thinking about you and Bob and wondering how you were doing. Glad to hear your cataract surgeries went well and lucky you not to have to wear glasses. The boys are adorable as usual and so cute with their stuffed pink turtle. We're busy packing for our trip to Italy. I'm having fun machine embroidering on my Janome. Sewing is a great hobby isn't it!

Sacramento Amate said...

Hello dear Nan, long time no see.
What a lovely Chanel

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