Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentines, Puzzles, and Sewing

Valentines made by me and in progress.
A quilt below in progress. I just loved the fabrics so much I had to get them even though I don't make quilts anymore.

 Four blocks and borders and the red is backing as well. Fabric is called Pam Kitty by Holly Holderman for Lake House Dry Goods.com purchased on fatquarter.com

 Might I mention puzzles to you?
Bob and I have rather been into them this winter as never before. I have now 40 puzzles purchased (all but a few from Amazon.com) and we have done all of them but for 6 for various reasons. If they are too dark to see well and they must be 500 piece, the 1000 piece does not work for us. Favorites are Ravensburger made in Germany, Springbok, and SunsOut both made in the USA. Don't bother with Chinese made puzzles but I bet you knew that already. I have a few and they are thin. 
Right now I am student less. Sigh. This little gal is my student Autumn who turns 16 on 2-13. This was a fairy tea at my house when she was 5! She is at present in HI and won't return until the end of March. My other student is taking a second job in Anchorage and back and forth until March. I've been having my friend Rena come by for crafting Valentines the last couple weeks. No ice skating as yet as that's the gal I was going with who left town. 
Bob and I have been out sick going on week two now. Very unusual for me in fact. Well it happens, bound to catch something sometime I guess.
All for now. Oh must post the boys can't leave them out.


Inger said...

How great to see you and the boys again. Thanks for the puzzle tips. I have a friend who loves to do them and gave me a huge one. I had no room for it, so I donated it. But 500 pieces sound better.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Nan!

Sweet valentines and fabric!

I used to like to do jig saws but no one else in the family really did so I gave it up.

Thanks for the facebook love!

LBP said...

What a cheerful quilt! I love the colors too.

I remember doing jigsaw puzzles with my mom during the winter months. I haven't worked one for years.

Sorry you and DH have been under the weather, wishing you a speedy recovery!



Nancy Jorden said...

I love your quilt. It is beautiful. I have been trying to learn how to make a quilt like that. I have friends in Alaska and many of them quilt for down time. It is an amazing talent. http://www.alaskaairforwarding.com/servicetypes.php

Terra said...

I like the fabric hearts you make and the quilt too. Your dogs are quite the handsome boys.

Sacramento Amate said...

Hello my dear Nan, I have also moved house now. We live by the Mediterranean sea about 100 mts from the seaside.
Very kind climat and warm lovely people.
Let me be your student in Alaska for a while. it whould be lovely.
DO keep in touch

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