Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Christmas Trees and Hay

 Just a quick post today to let you know I'm still here. Shopping the other day our store has bales of Timothy hay and Straw. Check out the prices folks I bet you don't pay this much a bale $25.39 and $19.99. This all smelled so good we talked about buying one just to smell LOL.
 How to get large items shipped to Alaska.
We wanted a 9 foot christmas tree for next Christmas so I ordered one on Amazon.com and got free shipping but of course for two large boxes that was only in the lower 48.  I take that anyway and have it shipped to a shipper in WA state that is used by our local Gear Shed, a business here. They allow us to ship through them. It goes on a barge and then arrives here at the Gear Shed and I paid $30 for that part of the trip but the other was free. I had my treadmill shipped this way too. Thanks to the Gear Shed for allowing locals to get their stuff up here.
 The tree as we set it up now stored until Dec. 
The boys below say woof woof they are doing great. 
One of my students has returned (one still in HI) and I've had others come by for crafting which is happening today. Yesterday a friend and I worked on a needle felted dog using her own dog hair on the top layer of her dog now passed away. 


Jewels said...

Thanks for catching us up Nan! So how is the weather there - I am SOOOOOO tired of winter this year - another cold spell coming through - with the wind chill predicting -10 ugh....

LBP said...

Been thinking about you! I can not believe the price of straw in Alaska! Holy Cow! We get ours from our neighbor for $4.00 per bale!

We have had a few spring like days but winter is returning with a vengeance tonight. 15-19 degrees. BRRRRR..


MJ said...

That's great that you're able to get things shipped that way.
I bet you're glad to have at least one of your students back again now and it sounds like you're finally starting to feel better again too. This sure has been a crazy winter everywhere and so much sickness for a lot of people who normally don't get sick and it's things that just hang on too. By the way, if you're missing your snow, we still have a lot of it here if you want some.

Gernella said...

Nice tree but such a bind storing from one Christmas to another in the up position. I finish up putting in the spare bedroom covered in a plastic sheet to keep out the dust.

Wow what expensive hay and straw although to be honest I don't know how much it costs in the UK, my sister doesn't moan though and she has 14 horses.

Anonymous said...

Now you only need to sew a pretty decoration to cover up those unsightly metal legs. One of those round Christmas tree rugs that goes around the stump.

Terra said...

That is a great and dramatic Christmas tree and I have always liked the look of Weimeraner dogs, their coats are a wonderful color.

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