Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kale in Winter? Ice Skating?

 The Vogue pattern for the Chanel jacket will be made out of this a heavy weight silk weave. I found it on a blog I read as she now sells fabrics, it will be perfect. (That would be A Fashionable Stitch check my blog roll.)Trim is hard to buy without seeing it. I have to work on that.

 This is my kale I want you to know it grows here in Alaska in the winter. It doesn't seem to be affected by the cold.
I snapped this photo when I got out of my car to pick up the mail in our cluster boxes (with ice cleats on.) The parking lot here is totally ice, you could skate on it. Skating another thing,  my new sewing student wants me to start up my ice skating again with her so I'll see about going again this month, a tricky area when one is in their 70's. My other friend is also my age and wants to try and get back some of her skills so she has invited me to come along to beginner lessons. I guess when you miss 30 or 40 years skating you need to start at the beginning again. We shall see how things go and if I survive. Maybe I can post a photo of us Senior gals skating next week. 


Inger said...

I'm glad you like my rocks. I find the kale very interesting, I had no idea. The material looks beautiful and I used to love Chanel jackets, now I only wear jeans.

Jewels said...

I have not ice skating for years. All I know is that skates are a lot different from when I was young (hopefully more comfortable). Let us know how it goes!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh my! I went ice skating once and that was enough for me! I'm all legs with weak ankles- not a good combo!

I've seen that they have little walker type things you can hold onto at the rinks now. That would be helpful and prevent any bad falls.

Debby said...

That's beautiful fabric.
I never could skate. My husband and I were talking about that last night. We have a place to skate indoors just about a mile from here. Just be careful.

vivian said...

I think that is awesome! youre in great shape.. I bet you will pick up right where you left off when you get those skates on and get moving again.. me on the other hand, I could never get the hang of skating.. ice or roller.. I would hurt myself if I tried now!
Have fun! and do be sure to post some pictures

Anonymous said...

Your silk weave is beautiful! Have fun at the ice rink and be careful!

Kimberly from Florida

LBP said...

You are such an inspiration! Skating in your 70's! I am afraid to try it now and I'm almost 53. I love the fabric for your jacket and can't wait to see the finished product!



Sandy said...

Lovely fabric Nan! Oh, my, that icy parking lot. That looks very dangerous. We took up roller skating in the 1980s when we were only in our 30s. I loved it - our rink had the organ music. We took lessons. Jeff got tired of going every week and we finally stopped. We bought skates too. Now ice skating is a different animal. I have weak ankles and never could stand up on them. I love to watch ice skaters. BTW I loved the photo of the boys licking the beaters. So funny. They are spoiled. As they should be.

MJ said...

That fabric will make a gorgeous jacket--can't wait to see it finished and what you line it with.
Wish you could post a little video of the ice skating--would love to see that, hope you'll at least by able to post a photo of it though.

opportunityknits said...

The silk waeve is gorgeous and the kale is amazing!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I thought I was "ice skating" when I got off work last night here in Iowa. The parking lot was terrible because of an ice storm we had. Praise the LORD I made it to my car. I think I preferred -15 degree weather that we had last Monday than ice. Maybe we should try to grow Kale here, I am sure it is cold enough. I probably wouldn't last in Alaska, but I like how you share it with us.

Terra said...

The material you show here is beautiful, and now perhaps you will have a new adventure of skating. Your kale looks delicious, we grow it in our garden too.

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