Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A beautiful Fall here

I love this photo of the boys. If you enlarge it's so clear with so much of their personalities showing through. They are wonderful boys to have the privilege of owning! Never a boring moment with these two around. 
Pan in a new bed. I buy new beds and new collars on a regular basis it seems. 
After church on a Fall Sunday

 Autumn with her Halloween banner she made. She is at present lining a short wool dress jacket in bright orange. This girl loves color! Then she will be making a black linen dress to go under it. 
 My new full sized cutting mat. I'm holding it down with my weights until it smooths down as it arrived here rolled up. I got a really good price on this and free shipping on
This is my Jeans jacket made in a class on by Janet Pray called Sew Better Sew Faster garment industry secrets. At this point in time I have cuffs, collar, and facing to install. The fabric is from Gerties Etsy shop and is this gorgeous twill stretch rose fabric. I've ordered snaps for this on line with SnapSource. They have all manner of snaps and I have used them for years. 
That's it for now. 
Happy Fall everyone. We usually have snow by Halloween which is tomorrow but so far just rain and some flooding on the road on Monday this week. 


Debby said...

I love those boys of yours. They are so sleek and handsome.
Nan, I can't imagine you not looking nice. I don't do sweats but I pretty much dress for comfort. I need to try a little harder at looking better.
Halloween is tomorrow here. Usually all the leaves are gone. We have trees that haven't even started to change. I love the Halloween banner and your jeans jacket.

Jewels said...

You been remodeling your blog! Looking forward to seeing that Jean jacket...Everyone seems to be having odd weather this year...

Longuette said...

y'day I was at dinner with my boss and some colleagues and he was mentioning his Summer vacations.
He came to Alaska and had the time of his life! So this reminds me that I haven't be checking on your blog for a looong time. so here I am!!!!

Sacramento Amate said...

Hello, my dear nan. I am so happy to see your comment, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
My angel of Alaska with fairy hands.
Is it getting cold now?
Love, love, love.

Inger said...

Your boys are so beautiful and such good, good dogs. You have done a great job with them and it shows.I love the picture of you and the dogs, looking like you're going for a stroll around your Scottish castle.

I also read about Finn below. What a beautiful boy he is and having so much fun. I have to tell you that I have been watching these shows, called Buying Alaska and if I were younger, I would move up there in a minute. I love everything about it, the nature, the mountains, the animals. I saw one or two from Kodiak Island with those huge bears wandering about.

Charlene said...

Happy Halloween Nan! Love the photo of the boys! Looks like you're a busy woman as always with all your sewing. I've missed all my blog buddies with all my traveling & moving! HUGS!

Sandy said...

Hi Nan! Love your photos with "the boys". They are so well behaved! And handsome! Your craft/sewing room is to die for. May I ask where you bought the huge cutting mat. I have one for my cutting table but is small and I've been think about getting a larger one. I'm loving that pretty rose fabric for your Jeans jacket. Tell Autumn her Halloween banner is fantastic. It was a warm night here for Halloween around 65 degrees. We've been watching "Buying Alaska" too. It brings back lots of memories of our trip. Still haven't seen a home as nice as yours though! Happy Halloween!

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