Thursday, September 19, 2013

A post before my trip

This is my jacket all completed. I will do a photo later of it on me. Below is the silk lining when I was marking a dart.
Below is my student Autumn  modeling her blouse she finished and just had the buttons to sew on. She used my trusty old 1947 Singer for the button holes as I did on the above jacket. 

 This is our firweed now all bloomed out and gone to seed.
 Photos both taken out the window Thurs the 19th a beautiful day here. Three loads of wood so far as been delivered here.

 The boys are giving you the 'lip'. 
Did you get the new upgrade to the iPhone yet? I just DL mine today and I really like the camera improvements as it gives you a variety of filters to use. 
I am headed on the ferry tomorrow night to Kodiak to visit my daughter for awhile so I'll be having some I hope beautiful Fall photos from the Emerald Isle.


Sacramento Amate said...

Yes it is thisle, and all burnt. We are still ove 33Âșc andnot a drop of rain.
I am si glad to see your comment, my dear Nan.

Jewels said...

Have a wonderful wonderful trip Nan...the season is once again changing :)

ImagiMeri said...

Have a wonderful time, and I'll be looking forward to the piccy's. I love your new blog look Nan, it's so pretty. I'm also looking forward to seeing you in your pretty new coat.


Inger said...

The clothes are beyond beautiful as is the nature. Not to speak of the dogs. They really are supermodels by now. You have taught them well. Enjoy your trip and I'm looking forward to the pictures.

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