Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer is winding down!

 I realize I'm not doing many blog posts this summer. I guess I just have lost interest in it, I probably will pick it up again in our very long winter. 
Above is Bob with the boys this week, we took a walk on the Pratt Museum's beautiful trails. The boys were perfectly mannered at all times.
 This is a Devil's Club which if you enlarge and look close has some major thorns. This plant grows wild and has been very useful in the native culture before we had stores to shop in as do most all wild plants here. 
 The last two days have been all about native dance and culture here in Homer sponsored by the Pratt Museum. This is 'The Gathering' which starts with a ceremonial kayak landing on the Spit, a potluck with native foods, and then an evening of dance. 

 These are the Yurapik dancers from Yukon Delta/Anchorage Alaska. The priest giving the blessing in several languages. 
(Monday Sept 2nd is our 52 wedding anniversary)
Nan & Bob out to dinner with our friends from Maryland below. This is Abe and Marcia who come every summer, rent a place and volunteer in Homer at the museum and Chamber of Commerce. Abe likes to fish in bay for fish to take home. 
Book Chat
Below is Eowyn Ivey the author of The Snow Child. She is an Alaska resident and was visiting our library here in Homer to give a short talk on her book which we are all very familiar with having read it last year in our book club. If you haven't read it get a copy from your library or on your Kindle or a paperback and read it! This book is published now in many different countries. 
Also attending was Tom Kizzia who wrote Pilgrim's Wilderness the Papa Pilgrim saga, a non fiction about a very large and dysfunctional family who moved to Alaska. A very good read our book club read that too written by a Homer resident to boot! We loved both these books. Tom also had a reading at the library too in which so many people showed up there was no room left. 

Can't post w/o a photo of the boys! They are doing well and are lucky dogs who have parents home with them all the time, get rides in car to neat fun places, exercise, quality food and vitamins, and sleep in the bed with their parents. They want for nothing other than to be at our side at all times. We are so blessed to have them. 


MJ said...

That trail that Bob and the boys are on is gorgeous, I can just imagine what the rest of them are like.
I remember your showing pictures of Abe and Marcia other years when they would come up to volunteer and as I recall Abe always has a lot of fish to take home with him too.
Nan those boys of yours look just as beautiful in black and white as they do in color--I wonder who is really the luckiest--them having you and Bob or you and Bob having them. LOL

Jewels said...

Hello Nan - glad to hear all is well with you! Yes the weather is starting to turn again. I have the Snow Child on my nightstand! Must read it now for sure when you can to let us know how things are going. Cheers.

Debby said...

I have missed you. I was about to send out the National Guard. I understand as so many are not blogging as much right now. Hopefully when the snow flies we will all be posting more.
You always have something special going on there. Those boys are just so beautiful and look so alike. Glad you are doing well. Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to see a post from you. I love reading about your life in AK. You do a great job at giving (this reader) a taste of AK. I visited AK once and in fell in love with its beauty. Plus seeing , your creative projects.
Happy Anniversary!
Kaye Park City, UT

Brownie1 said...

Oh Nan, it is so good to see your newest blog post! I have missed you! Please keep it up, as I feel connected to your beautiful state, which I was fortunate enough to visit once. Meeting you was the icing on the cake of that trip!
Happy Anniversary to you and Bob!

vivian said...

I was missing your posts Nan. Glad to see you back. Its been a pretty quiet summer in blogland. I think we are all busy living our lives and making quick stops on line to check in with our bloggy pals.
Have a great week and hope to see you back again soon. The puppy boys look great, and youre right, they are very lucky to have such sweet lives!
ps!!! Happy anniversary! wow! 52 years.. you have 20 on us. thats an amazing amount of time. Heres to many many more!

Sandy said...

Happy Anniversity Bob and Nan! Wow 52 years that is wonderful! Love the photos of Bob with the boys and the black and white one of them. We're on another road trip going west.

Sacramento Amate said...

How lovely to see you enjoying the las days of summer.
There is a blog I thing you might enjoy. She is a good blogger friend with fairy hads for sewing, just like you:

Inger said...

I have missed you a lot. Thank you dear Nan for your sweet comment on Soldier's passing. You have become a good blogger friend and I hope you will post more often once it gets cold up there. Your dogs are so special and so fortunate to have a good home.

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