Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Various happenings around home

First my latest sewing project. I have put the wool jacket to the side for now and made these cute flannel PJ's and robe with fabric from TW Sugar Hill by Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit, bought on
The beautiful rose twill at the bottom is from Gertie's Etsy shop. I adore this fabric and I am taking Janet Pray's Craftsy class on Sew Better Sew Faster, a birthday gift. This is sort of the opposite of couture sewing but this doesn't mean I have abandoned that just learning more skills is all. You can never have too many sewing skills!
 It's green now finally! We've had the nicest warm weather and intense green everywhere with highs up to 70!
Watermelon anyone at this price in Safeway?
For my birthday Bob had two of these custom painted switch plates made for me by a Homer artist. What a unique gift and one I really will enjoy.
Last but not least is the two boys in my sewing room the other day. 
In just a short time the family will be here to visit. Our son, daughter and daughter-in-law. The boys can't come as they did May in Iceland with us and one is in summer classes at UAF and the other has his USCG job in VA.


Sacramento Amate said...

So glad to see you, my dear nan and that cool and crisp countryside and floral project, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Custards said...

I love brushed cotton and those flannel pyjamas look very cosy.
Just popping round to ask if your blue poppies were Meconopsis? I would love to grow those but soil is not acid enough. Thank you for calling in
Best wishes

ImagiMeri said...

Those jammies are adorable, I almost might like flannel for the fabric pattern alone. I've never had a thing for flannel, even though I've lived in Colorado and Germany where it was cold. High 70's sounds so amazing right now.......imagine 50 degrees warmer! Yes, we can cook outside without any means of a heat source......ha ha!


MJ said...

Those switch plates are great-what a great gift for Bob to have thought of for you.

Wow--and I thought the price of seedless watermelons here was a little high this year when I saw them at $5.99!

MJ said...
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Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Nan! Love your little raised beds AND your view!

I've used the fabric you gave me in two different projects lately! Thanks again! ♥

Debby said...

Hi Nan. Love these pictures. Pretty material, what a view and the over priced watermelon. Enjoy your family. It is true they grown up way too and grandkids. Happy 4th.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Those PJ's are adorable indeed. You always amaze me on your projects! Those switch plates are special!

Sandy said...

Cute fabric for your PJs! Let me know how you like your Craftsy class. I've thought of taking some of them. I'm back in the saddle again sewing. Forgot how much I loved sewing. Love my cutting table and new sewing table. It makes sewing so much easier. We got the old sewing machine and heavy cabinet loaded into car and safely delivered to our niece. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift Bob gave you - custom painted switch plates of the boys. They are lovely. Have fun with your family! We're enjoying visiting family here in Ohio. Enjoy your warmer temps. It's terribly hot (90s) at home in PA now but cooler here in Ohio (80s) this weekend. We set our sprinkler on timer to water our flower boxes while gone so they won't die in the heat. Normally neighbors water for us but this 4th everyone is going away. LOL !

Anonymous said...

As always, I love your blog!! The switch plates are endearing what a nice gift. I watched the whole Janet Pray course yesterday and will enjoy the technique. The 1/4" seam allowances make me a little nervous though.. not much room for fudging or fitting. Your floral twill will look nice in the Islander jacket and I agree that a girl can never have too many sewing skills under her hat. Have a great visit with your family ~ Kimberly from Florida

Inger said...

Thanks for stopping by and how great that your son is coming up to visit. I know he will appreciate temps in the 70s! I would. Your PJs are adorable and so are the dogs.

Storybook Woods said...

Akk it always kills me to see the price of watermelon. I cannot imagine anyone buying but of course they do. beautiful nighty and robe. Really love the fabric!! Clarice

GardenOfDaisies said...

The pj's will be just the thing for cool nights!

LBP said...

Those P.J.s are adorable. I really like the fabric. No sewing on my home front as we are renovating the master bath and all the "junk" from the bathroom has ended un stored in my sewing room! UGH! Can't wait for this project to end.



p.s. have fund with your family!

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