Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Men's Shirt to Women's Dress

This is a tutorial I followed here to cut down an XXL men's shirt and make it into a woman's shirt/dress. I had fun winging this as a lot of detail was left out. I will search out another shirt and try again. Don't get me wrong this came out fine but to make it easier I got the idea to take a pattern that fits me well and use it as a cutting guide especially in the sleeve area which is tricky. I can perfect it more and teach my student this Fall how to make one. One thing I ended up doing that was not mentioned was darts front and back in the top to shape it more. Next time I'll even add bust darts. My son had to find a shirt in CA and bring it with him I couldn't find one here I liked !!
*Linda made one here after reading about mine check it out.


Lutka And Co. said...

Oh my gosh, that is sooo cute! And you are sooo talented! My husband recently lost 40 pounds, and has a pile of shirts ready to go to Salvation Army. I took some aside with plans on making a quilt. Now I think I will save one and experiment making a top for myself too! :)

vivian said...

love it! and it looks great on you. great way to reuse and recycle!
you are very talented.
have a great week

opportunityknits said...

It turned out great!

Sandy said...

Your shirt/dress is so cute Nan! What a clever way to use a man's shirt. The first photo close up before view is so adorable with the boys worshipping you!

Jewels said...

Wow this is the second post in a row that I have seen a wonderful "recycle" of something (the last was a rug made of old t shirts). I love this Nan and you make a great model for it! How's the weather up there?

margits bastelstube said...

wow - a great idea, dear nan!!
many greetings

ImagiMeri said...

Oh that's so cool and it looks amazing on you. My husband wears XXL, and most of the time so do I. Until I can lose more weight, I won't be able to do that. Love the peplum effect!


Lutka And Co. said...

Hi Nan!
Well, I did it! Have a look:


Thanks for the inspiration!
Linda :)

Myrtle Watkins said...

I love this! It is the best thing since embracing the boyfriend shirt. If you use an extra-large men’s shirt what size does that translate dress wise? I think you look great. Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

Pat said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Love the remade mans shirt. There are several blogs I really enjoy and yours is one of them. Miss you.Hope you are well and will post again soon.Pat McDonald cmcdonald-44@hotmail.com

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