Sunday, June 2, 2013

Latest Projects

This is a wool from an old company in LA, CA. called B. Black and Sons. The lining is silk and I'm using a piping on the jacket. 

 I made a muslin show below on this jacket from 1982. Turns out I just don't like the fit and don't want to fool with it. I switched patterns to one I have made already, is suitable for plaids and fits me. I will post the jacket pattern once I get it cut out and going. 

I took a class sewing in knits on Craftys and this is the first top I made. It's this ITY knit fabric and is a nightmare to sew on but very beautiful fabric, sort of like that stretchy velveteen!! I need to get some regular type knit to make anymore of these. 
We've been doing some gardening outside as it's that time of year. One blue poppy bloomed today. The winter was very hard on them and many lost their poppies. Mine took a hit but are still here just not as lush. It looks like I lost my Foxglove. 
My poppies LAST year they are not this far along yet. This was June 30, 2012


MJ said...

I love that plaid and the lining you chose for it--will be looking forward to seeing it finished.

I really enjoy seeing those blue poppies of yours every year. When I was a kid we had red ones in our yard, but I've never seen blue ones except when you send the pictures of yours and I do enjoy seeing them. I don't think poppies are allowed to be grown here anymore as far and haven't been for years.

Sacramento Amate said...

Wonderful plaid matching the colour of the flowers, ahhhhhhhhhh.

shayaankhan said...
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LBP said...

Love your fabric for you new jacket and I am blue with envy over your blue poppies. I can't seem to keep any color poppies alive!



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