Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cranes, Coyotes, and Banners

Short story: the crane couple was stalked by a single coyote. We watched through binoculars as the coyote would make a dash for them and the cranes would fly a short distance away then it would repeat this went on a long time with no luck for the coyote. If you recall last year a coyote did get one of their chicks for a meal. I wondered why the cranes just didn't take off and leave the area but they stayed almost teasing the coyote and making me very nervous. 
This is a pintail duck and a pair of mallards. There were two male pintails and one female in our pond with the crane couple on the side too. We want to get the pond enlarged but the road restrictions are still on meaning it's too soft to drive on with loads. The backhoe has to come in here and dig.
Been making a lot of banners lately, my student and I.
She is finished now for the summer and will return in the Fall. The red in the banners is red satin. 
A Valentine banner. The front I used 1" pink ribbon and the back is banner fabric. 
 Kalen so comfortable on any chair or loveseat he picks!
Kalen on the right is not this much smaller than Pan it's the camera angle. I have a dog sitter coming to live here while we are off to Iceland next week with our daughter and two grandsons. I also have my student and her Mom coming over twice a day to exercise the dogs properly, they live close by. I also have back up people if something goes wrong. It's such a worry to find the right people to do this as I have a very hard time leaving these boys w/o worrying about them the entire time. I felt it best they stay home as they have never been left at a kennel. 
I should have some very different photos then when I return. 
Happy Mother's Day to all my friends!
card image from Sandy


Sacramento Amate said...

Love and happy mothers day, dear Nan.

vivian said...

how exciting a trip to iceland should be! I always find it hard to go away and leave figgy and frannie and buffy, and thats even with leaving them with my husband! hes on a different schedule then we are.. he does take care of them, but not the same as I do. lol!
have a wonderful trip!

ImagiMeri said...

Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful, and I hope you're not planning on quitting your blog. I may not always comment, but I do visit to see what you're up to. Have a fantastic time in Iceland, and take lot's of pictures please.......I've only flown over it.


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Nan! Silly ole coyote must have been bored!

Your banners look fun! ♥

MJ said...

I don't remember exactly when you're leaving but have a great trip Nan. My oldest son just got back from Rome yesterday and called me to let me know he made it back--he's on the east coast now and has no plans to go back to Africa--at least not in the immediate future. Jack is supposed to be home this evening--he had taken Rose and her two daughters to MN to see Karen and her two little ones and have been gone since Friday.

Sandy McClay said...

Watching that would have made me very nervous! Your boys are so cute! Love that tile of the head...Abbey does that also...and if there is a close up of a person's face on the TV she "talks" to them! lol
Your banners are adorable! So many days to have a special one !!!!

Anonymous said...

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Carolina said...

So sweets dogs :)

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