Friday, May 24, 2013

Back from Iceland

Pingvellir National Park, where the Icelandic parliament Alpingi was established in the the year 930 AD.  

This church has a statue of Leifur Eiriksson in the front in the city of Reykjavik.
Hallgrimskirkja the largest church in Iceland took 40 years to build and looks like a volcanic formation covered in hexagonal pillars. Inside is unadorned but the pipe organ has 5000 pipes and was being played when we were there. I still don't know what kind of a church it is. 

The boys hiking on cliffs inside the Pingvellir National Park where the European and American tectonic plates are tearing apart in a riot of geology.
This is a crater we spotted on the way to our cabin.
Skogafoss Falls is an incredible experience as you walk along this gravel plain that vanishes inside clouds of spray and a deafening level of noise as you approach the falls. There is a staircase to the top which the boys took. 

This falls was enormous and came out of no where. In 1920 Iceland's first environmental activist, Sigriour Tomasdottir, saved the falls from a dam her own father was involved with destroying. The falls was later donated to the nation as a special reserve. 
 Trip to see a geyser. It was so windy and cold I was freezing as I didn't have a hat.
I ended up buying one finally! There are about 10 geysers here that became active about 1000 years ago. This place is where we had a really wonderful lunch and not the hot dog below. 
 The well know hot dogs of Iceland. We had these quite a few times.
 The Icelandic ponies are all over the countryside.
 My daughter Ingrid
 Ingrid and her son Michael at the Skogafoss.

Close up on Skogafoss
 We were on the inaugural flight from Anchorage to Iceland. The airline had a couple cakes and free hot dogs as I mentioned the ones made in Iceland. 
 Inside the cabin we rented fully equipped 

Michael is having toast, jam, and coffee. Breakfast is not what we are used to here, no bacon and eggs. We found this cafe near by and got bagels with cheese and ham for breakfast along with some really good coffee. They seem to eat pastries at breakfast. 
 The flavors in this salad were so good. The bread was almost like pizza.
Shopping in a supermarket was a challenge as all the wording was in Icelandic so some things remained a mystery product. 

This scene above was miles and miles the same on the way to the Blue Lagoon below and then the air port to fly home. Since the island is all volcanic this area was like a gray carpet covering the boulders. A close up showed it was a gray moss.
The Blue Lagoon was really gorgeous and not a natural site I found out. It was made as it's very near the geothermal plant so water from that is cycled here and there is a beautiful spa and restaurant. You can stay over too. Very expensive. 


vivian said...

It sounds like you had a good time! and what could be better then spending it with family? wow.. those waterfalls are beautiful! I hope the "boys" survived at home without you. I bet they were really glad to see you when you returned.
have a great weekend!

Gernella said...

I am envious, the highest I have been is the Norwegian Fiords as my DH does not like cold weather. I would like to go higher some time, whale watching etc.

Love your blog and all the wild life, totally different to the wildlife in our garden (open fields behind us), pheasants, fox and the occasional hedgehogs. Plenty of birds though.

Your dogs look really handsome.

Jewels said...

Nan what a wonderful picture journal of your trip! Fascinating. And how wonderful to be able to share it with your family. Thanks so much for sharing and welcome back!

David T. Macknet said...

Looks like you had fun! Isn't it awesome? Blue Lagoon isn't so expensive during the off season - and we like it better there during the Winter, anyway (you feel like staying longer).

Maybe we'll retire there.....

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Cool! Looks like it was a great rip! ♥

chris mckinley said...

What a fun family trip! The pictures of the waterfalls are amazing!

Sandy McClay said...

Oh Nan!!!!!

What a trip of a lifetime! You took GREAT photos....thank you for sharing them! :)


MJ said...

Fantastic pictures Nan and it sounds like you all had an amazing time. The church you show here is a Lutheran church---the only reason I know that is because either Karen or Steve had a 10 hour layover in Iceland several years ago and I remember a picture of that church.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Those falls were awesome! Great pictures. I never would have thought to take a trip to Iceland - thanks for sharing those pictures.

Inger said...

Thank you for this very interesting look at a country with one of the most fascinating landscapes you can find anywhere, I'm sure. That church was magnificent.

Anonymous said...

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LBP said...

What amazing photos! That church is just spectacular! I am so glad you enjoyed your trip with your family. Thanks for letting us "travel" with your!



Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Great pictures Nan. It looks like such a beautiful place. What an adventure!

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