Sunday, April 21, 2013

Two more clothing items finished

 I love this pattern it's vintage, long darts front and back and fits perfect too with my alterations to the shoulder width where my arms are. I add an inch there. Pattern is Butterick 8479 from the 50's I'd say.

This is a modern pattern. I kind of have the sleeves pushed up here, the cuff has a split and I think I have them about 1" too long, I can turn them up there perhaps. The lining is the black dots and I used a modern pattern using black wool gabardine. The pattern has princess seams front and back and there is a seam down the back as well. Nothing special or spectacular about a black blazer is there. 
* We had snow today while sitting in church, oh when will it all end?


vivian said...

you look great Nan! and you are such a great seamstress. I cant believe all the sewing you do. You must have a huge walk in closet.. or room to hang everything in!

Prims and Annies said...

I LOVE the plaid shirt, and love the way you did the darts..reminds me of when I wore plaid shirts. The colors look great with your skin and hair.
Have a great day.

LBP said...

Love them both! Especially the plaid shirt.

I finished the red and white dress and wore it to church yesterday! I also made 4 pair of shorts this weekend, just knock around the house shorts.

Still snowing?? UGH! We had 80 degrees last week in SW Virginia!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Nanners I love the top plaid shirt, and it looks stunning on you. Great colors for you.


Sandy McClay said...

Oh....just LOVE that shirt and it looks so cute on you!

Inger said...

You are one talented and beautiful lady.

Kath said...

I particularly like the plaid one Nan, but that wooden chair! OOh I LOVE that!

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