Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Silk and Quilt

Kalen posing for me by the Dupoini silk blouse I finished. Such an easy silk to work on, so substantial and the fabric has a 'glow' to it. I buy it on line at for $21. a yard for the wide fabric. I happen to love this color as I feel good wearing it. It's best to dry clean it over hand wash.

Autumn finishing up a quilt another student started and left for a couple years. She added the two borders and put together the two lines of quilting adding a few more rectangles. She added a red/white checked binding which she is now sewing down by hand on the inside. Next I think we'll be making some 4th of July banners. 


LBP said...

Beautiful color! I am still plugging away on the red and white dress. It seems I only have a few minutes each day to work on it. Hoping to get in finished in time for church Sunday!



Sacramento Amate said...

Always creating magic, ahhhhhhhhhhh
I wish i could pop in for a cup of tea, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Debby said...

So glad that you are passing your talent on to others. That blouse is a beautiful color. Love the quilt.

Sandy said...

I love the color of this blouse Nan! I've never spent that much money on fabric for a blouse. But I can see why you did. It's beautiful. That was sweet of Autumn to finish the quilt. It's so pretty. She is doing a fantastic job on it. You are a wonderful teacher.

Terra said...

Beautiful quilt and color for your blouse.

vivian said...

oh! fourth of july banners sound like fun!
what a great idea to use hair clips for clipping the binding.
beautiful quilt too!
have a great week

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