Thursday, April 4, 2013

Chanel finally finished! New jacket started!

 The Chanel jacket finally completed and worn to a tea at the Ivory Goose on Wed! 75 hours to complete.
The real star is the inside of this jacket it's just so beautiful. Lots of hand work in this and I love the gold chain at the bottom. 

I cut out this jacket on Tue. It's a beautiful gold wool cashmere with a magenta velveteen collar facing. 
The lining is a cotton/silk poplin gold in a 55% cotton/45% silk. I love this fabric. Have you ever used it?

The back has a low back panel it's a cute pattern and pretty darn easy next to the Chanel. I'm going to set-in the sleeves today. I have the lining put together but for the sleeves that is next. The pattern does not call for lining but I think lining it will add so much beauty and comfort to the wearing.


Elizabeth Andrus said...

Nan, Your Easter vintage garment was just beautiful. I recall the style from the many vintage movies I love to watch. Your Channel jacket is wonderful! I had the opportunity to wear a real Channel dress once, and you are right. The weight and perfect fit was like no clothes I had ever worn. Truly an art form. Someone will know an artist made this lovely garment years in the future! Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Your Chanel looks beautiful and nice fitting. I have never tried one but feel like I'd like to give one a try. Thank you for sharing the process :)


margits bastelstube said...

dear nan,
your clothes are so great!
it's looking very great.
many greetings

Debi said...

The Chanel jacket is absolutely stunning and so well crafted!! I'm looking forward to the new jacket-- those colours are two of my favourites!!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Both the jackets are beautiful, but I especially love the Chanel. You look beautiful in it. I can't believer how little snow you have!! I'm just dying wanting ours to melt faster here in Fairbanks. We're having gorgeous days, but the snow seems to be taking forever to melt.

MJ said...

The Chanel jacket looks gorgeous Nan--and looking at the inside of it makes you wish that it were reversible, doesn't it? Just think, one look for the day and then reverse it for the evening. Fantastic job on it.

Diane Mars said...

Wow you are amazing! Love your talent. Happy Spring!

Sacramento Amate said...

Sooooooooooooooooo fabulous, my dearest nan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
You are a MAGIC machine woman.

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