Monday, March 18, 2013

Poodle Skirts and Pups

My friend and I have been making a couple Poodle Skirts for a HS play Grease. She went to Anchorage and bought supplies. The original skirts were felt but she couldn't get that so bought just plain cotton and then we made the below 'tie on tulle slips' to go under them.

A new Craftsy class I signed up for making the Liberty Shirt. Learning more about working with silks.
Finn at the beach in Kodiak, my daughter's new pup!
Nan in my Nancy Drew purple suit on Sunday. I love this suit because it's so comfortable. On the skirt I put a heavy lining for wearing in Alaska.


Debby said...

Love the poodle skirts. You look beautiful. Mailing tomorrow. Such cute things.

LBP said...

Those poodle skirts are adorable! I made one several years ago and have worn it many times at Halloween and have loaned it out too. It's had lots of wear! I really like the colors of that blanket. Purple is my favorite!



Anonymous said...

this is a really nice picture of you Nan. Also, my son and daughter in law are having their firatr born in a week and wioll name their boy Finnegan. The Finn's have it these days :) And yay, I will become a grandma!

Have a wonderful week!

~Kimberly from Florida
p.s. if I could remember my google password, I could log in as one of your regualr followers (LunaLoo).. Google has been no help in trying to get me back in.

Anonymous said...

Umm, did you know that your student is flipping off the camera in the first picture?

Cute skirts!

ImagiMeri said...

Love the poodle skirts, how fun. What a lovely piccy of you, and it seems that you can wear any color and look fantastic in it.


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