Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My week goes as such

 Courtney is moving on. I will really miss her. She is shown here today finishing up her quilt binding. She made a very large quilt awhile back and had it professionally quilted. She leaves next week for a series of interviews across the US. Time to use that Yale degree of hers. She will always be back for visits as her family is here. 

Autumn finished her sundress today. It was difficult to sew in a poly fabric from the Russian store but she did it! 
The boys! 
I am still looking for that right dog/house sitter for the boys. I have my ticket to Iceland but all my house sitters have fallen through. I'm really surprised it's so hard to get someone it's not like I'm asking them to do it free either, 3300 feet of house, a salary, and a fantastic view to boot in the Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea.
 My Easter outfit finally completed, gloves found on Etsy, headband borrowed from a friend.
Chanel sleeves are underway with one totally completed. Three piece sleeves with all hand work but for three seam!  
Cold temps and snow here in Homer this last week. Spring does not come until June so we have awhile.


vivian said...

a trip to iceland? how fun! I hope you find a reliable house sitter. thats a tough one. you certainly want someone you trust. how long are you going for?
love the fabric of your easter dress. I havent had an easter dress in ages!
have a great easter Nan!

Sacramento Amate said...

I missed you so much, my dear Nan.

Elizabeth Andrus said...

A trip to Iceland! I just called down to my husband and asked how he liked his trips there. He called up the stairs, "It's very barren, expensive, windy, and cold, not a place I would live." This from the man when asked what he thought of the Great Wall of China, "It was okay." Can't wait to see all the amazing photographs you take. Have a fun trip. Have a joyous Easter! Elizabeth

Sandy McClay said...

You are going to Iceland???? Your outfit ( as always) is just so vintage and do such unbelievable work Nan!

Happy Easter and I hope you find someone to house sit soon...:)

MJ said...

I'm sure you will miss Courtney, she's been with you for a long time. I didn't realize she had a Yale degree--what kind of a job is she going to be looking for--and any preference as to where it is?

I didn't know you were planning a trip to Iceland--hope you take a lot of pictures. When are you going and how long will you be gone? Are you going alone?

My Vintage Mending said...

Pick me pick me...that sounds like an offer no one would refuse...those boys could snuggle with me all night...smiles..Renee

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