Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catch up

 Applying the Chanel chain to the jacket bottom. Sleeves are not in yet.
 In the meantime I'm making an Easter dress from a Retro pattern. This is the inside lining area and Kalen the poser.
 A tie blanket I made my grandson Dallas who will be 20 on March 15th. He is home in Kodiak for Spring break from Fairbanks UAF. 
Student Autumn making a Minky blanket for herself.
 Pan had a birthday on March 8th he is 4 years old.
 This is my daughter's little blue Weimaraner Finn in Kodiak.

All the snow was gone and today, Sunday, we had another 1.5" covering things again.
Bob took a trip in Feb to CA to visit his on line gaming buddies The Black Ducks who also came from some other states to meet in Lake Tahoe. Bob of course came the farthest as is the case with Alaska. He then flew down south to visit our son and daughter in law after this. That's Bob in front of all the big guys!
Hundreds of Red Poles fly down here to Homer from Fairbanks area. The last couple years our trees have been large enough to attract them and we put out a feeder. We get swarms of at least a hundred birds here. This morning we witnessed a hawk swoop down and get one. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan, just popping in to see a few blogs before I head out to work tomorrow. I just filled my feeder today. It has been an unusually wet Spring here and I think we will be knee deep in mud at work...looking forward to some outdoor time. The Channel looks great. Stitch some for me....Renee

Debby said...

Another beautiful dress in the works.
The new puppy is cute. Will he be darker than your boys. Those boys of yours love to pose.
Bob Looks like he is having a great time. I bet it is beautiful flying over the islands.
They are saying that there is more snow on the way for us this week. 60 today and it was so nice.

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

The puppy is so cute!! Though the clean shiny coat on the boys still makes them look a little puppy like...I think they're so beautiful.

vivian said...

looking forward to seeing your easter dress all finished... the puppy is adorable as our your own pups! Actually I was thinking that your dogs look so healthy! their coats are beautiful.
as for the hawk getting breakfast at your house... i guess everyone has to eat! poor little birdie!
have a great week nan.. and thanks for the comments on my blog!
Happy Monday

Jewels said...

Nice to have a catch up Nan - life just passes by and we are all doing different things. I am patiently waiting for SPRING - so lovely to see your birds that are migrating....and the sewing projects are just coming along...

ImagiMeri said...

Wow, you have been busy pretty lady. Every time I see piccy's of your dogs, all I can think of is "Wegman" photos with the dog heads on human bodies. Your boys have such perfect expressions.

Keep having fun sewing,

Jacqueline said...

Good morning dear Nan!

I'm so glad I arrived for Pan's birthday even if it's belated. What a boy he is! Smiling at the picture of Bob and friends, that trip will go down in history! Did I see on Facebook you are going to Iceland? I have flown over in many times and looked down from the plane and saw the vast beauty of it.

Oh yes, and not to leave out a comment about little Finn...he is a special little boy and as cute as can be. Getting to know your dogs has given me a huge appreciation for them. They are stunning to look at and loving boys.

All is well down yonder. I'm working really hard at my antique booth and about 35 hours at the assisted living. I have been working with 41 university students for the last two quarters that come and get credit in the assisted living. It's been a new adventure working with them and the University and I really enjoy it and will do it again for spring quarter coming up. I also finally found a party plan company that I really love Celebrating Home and I'm starting to do shows and build a foundation to my business. My hope and hard work should pay off because it's a really great company with really nice quality. Last week a gal was the first one to join my team. Busy but happy.

Much love to you and thank you for the card with the German gnome stickers. Yes, when you have time I would like the link.

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