Friday, February 1, 2013

Wild Life and Sewing

 Mr. Eagle sitting where we feed the pheasant, perhaps an opportunity will present itself?

Moose in the road this morning. Just entering town I waited on a moose and her calf to get out of the road and it took quite awhile as they were quite comfortable there. As I passed by I looked in my mirror and saw they went back out in the road!
Sewing report. 
My Chanel is coming along now. This is half of the inside front which is interlined in silk organza. I'm putting on the twill tape down the seam line here by hand.
Autumn with her completed apron. The ties have one side of red fabric and she did the seam binding  (that we make) by hand on the backside so there is lots of hand work on this apron. Next for her is some PJ bottoms in fleece and here is the fabric she picked.

Courtney's Valentine apron has lining on the skirt in a contrasting fabric and the top black trim has tiny beads on it, the waist band and ties are red satin. 


Sacramento Amate said...

I cannot think of anything better.
have a lovely weekend, dear Nan

vivian said...

lol! those moose are funny! the aprons adorable, and mr eagle is very cool!
we have deer in the road all the time here, but they are usually darting across the road. It seems your moose just sort of meander around.. even in the middle of town!
have a great weekend Nan!

Anonymous said...

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Creative Breathing said...

Nan, First I had to call down to my husband about the moose walking down the middle of the street, and then I had such a giggle trying to make out what the print was on the last apron! You just have to love these young girls!
A foot of snow expected here in the next 24 hours, I am so excited!
Enjoy your weekend! Elizabeth

Inger said...

Oh, you make me wish I could sew. Tomorrow morning, I will begin to try to repair my rag rugs. We'll see how that works out. It won't be pretty, that's for sure.
Seeing the moose and her calf reminded me of another Wyoming adventure I had, where the cow was in front of our car and the calf behind on a narrow road with high snow drifts. The calf panicked and the cow went into attack mode. Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to write that one up.

Kate said...

Autumn's apron is so cute. Her taste in fabric is kind of like my granddaughter's. You are teaching these girls something they can use for the rest of their lives. I thank my mom and home ec teacher for teaching me to sew. I still love to do it.

Diane Mars said...

LOve the moose mama and babe just strolling the town! You girls sure keep busy with your sewing projects I used to make clothes not anymore most of the time the machine is out to ruffle crepe paper.. silly me Hugs, Diane

Penny-Rose said...

The sewing adventures are amazing - it must be so rewarding. I love the fleecy pj pants and the heart apron. I really enjoy your posts and have just caught up on the last few. Moose with calf in the main street - what a sight. You live in a beautiful place, but I am not sure I could cope with the cold!! The Chanel Jacket is looking gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. Best wishes

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