Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slow Work

The Chanel jacket so far, no sleeves yet but working on all the hand inside lining work. You finish this entirely then put in the sleeves so that's where I am now with 56 hours of time.
The boys this week. 
I've had lots more work here since Bob is in CA I have all his jobs. 
My student is making a blouse in the Gertie sewing book and the other student is working on her Chanel and putting in job applications, soon she will be off on her life outside of Homer Alaska.


Anonymous said...

You do lovely work! I was surprised that you put your label at the neck. The neck labels can be bothersome. May I suggest a side seam for it? I really enjoy the photos of the surrounding area. Alaska is so beautiful!

Debby said...

Beautiful, love the colors. Love those boys.

Debby said...

Hi. Closing the swap today. I wanted to give you one last chance. It's okay if you can't.

Sacramento Amate said...

Very chanel and difficult no doubt.
I am so looking forward to see you wearing it.

Inger said...

Thanks for your message, I enjoy your blog whenever you post. I love the Chanel suits that were so popular when we were young. And the boys! So attentive and gorgeous. Great photo of them.

vivian said...

Nan, I love all the sewing you do. YOur closet must be full of beautiful things. Im looking forward to taking this weight off and wearing my cuter smaller clothes again! Your boys are so sweet!!
have a lovely sunday.

LBP said...

Your Chanel jacket is going to be soooo worth it! I love the colors! My headaches are so much better. I am only getting one a week and it is not very severe at all. I guess all the anti-inflammatory vitamins I am taking are making a big difference!



Jacqueline said...

Love to the boys...they are so special!
Love to you!

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