Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Valentine

Here is the wearing of the vintage pattern velvet dress FINALLY!
 I struggled making a belt which I opted out on wearing. The belt is actually optional with the dress.
 We went to our church's Valentine Banquet that is held each year on Sat. Headband was borrowed from my student's Mom. 
The necklace was a Valentine gift from Bob. 
It's from the museum and is mastodon ivory. 
I bought some blue eyeshadow for this which I have not wore since the 50's and also had blue toenails and pink shoes. I really need a pair of silver shoes for this. Ladies at my church are onto me arriving in my outfits I have made and come over to see what I made and discuss them. To wear clothes like this is a bit different in Alaska but I hope to start a Retro sewing trend here!!


Sandy said...

What a wonderful photo of the the two of you! :)

vivian said...

great picture of you and your valentine! how long have you been married?
YOu always look pretty in you beautifully crafted clothing! the hair band was a perfect touch too! I have to admit, I wear a baby blue eye liner everyday!
have a great week Nan!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

You look fantastic!!! You and your hubby look so good together. What talent you have. I like the idea of RETRO!!! Wow that hair band was a perfect touch, I so agree with Vivan.

MJ said...

Wow--great picture of you and Bob. I agree with your opting out of the belt, the dress is perfect the way it is and I think a belt would really spoil the look of it. Seeing the necklace reminds me that I have a pair of earrings out of mastodon ivory that I bought years ago when Barb and I were in Alaska, they're just a plain ball earring, not a dangle one like yours, but I actually forgot all about them, they're in a different drawer in my jewelry armoire that I got from my dad during one of his last years.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! ~Kimberly from Florida

Sacramento Amate said...

That dress is a dream come true.
I love the tiara, and what a fantastic couple you are, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Take me to Alaskaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Debi said...

OOOHHHHH!!! It turned out lovely!!!! I just love the colour and perfect for Valentine's Day!!!! YAY!

Kate said...

Very pretty dress and a very nice looking couple. I love retro clothes and love seeing people wearing them.

Debby said...

You look beautiful in that lovely dress. The blue is perfect. Love the necklace and the headband. Great picture of both of you. You will probably start that trend. Love that you have three students now.

Diane Mars said...

I love your outfit the shoes looked good with it. What a darling couple! Hugs, Diane

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Nan, It is so interesting to watch the making of your Chanel jacket. Your attention to detail is going to make it as though it came from their showroom!
AHHH! The new little pup! Look at those eyes. Boy, you can really see the blue in the coat. Just lovely.
You are absolutely beautiful in your blue velvet dress, Nan. What a happy photograph!

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