Friday, February 8, 2013

Chanel Jacket and other sewing

 First the Chanel jacket. 
Big progress this last week for me. 
I got the front 4 sections put together, lined, along with  a bust dart and button holes. Pockets are now going on (by hand of course.) 

 Quilting goes through to the outside but on this black fabric it's not too visible on the outside.
4 pockets are all hand made. The trim has grosgrain ribbon underneath sewn on by hand.
Close up of a pocket inside. 
This pillow I made rather quickly. It has an 18X20 background fabric with marks 1.1/4" from the top then followed by 3/4" lines all the way down. You place on the lines a folded pressed strip (from jelly rolls). Using 3 strips of each color and 5 different colors. Next pillow will be made by my student after her current project in a batik of rainbow colors. You can find on utube how to make one that is where I discovered them.
 My student in her jazzy fleece PJ bottoms she made!

My car on ice in town at a friends. Ice cleats required if you don't want to fall. Those are my winter tires with studs.
The boys say Hi and please come back again they love the visits!


Sacramento Amate said...

Fabulous all round.
Hello boys

MJ said...

You're really making progress on the jacket Nan. I'm impressed with those pj bottoms your student made--how well she matched that pattern on the legs.
Your car on all that ice reminds me of so many years ago when we were able to have studded snow tires and I could always go up the neighbor's driveway where I lived back then--her husband could never make it up the hill until things melted.

Jewels said...

Just droppin for a "Hi" Nan - what weather we are having! We got a heap of snow with the big Clipper that is passing through at the moment...lovin all the projects - hug for the puppies (I miss mine but having fun at the local Humane Society getting my dose of puppy love)....J

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Wow, that ice looks miserable! We've had some really warm weather here... not so warm that it melts the snow, but warm enough to be comfortable in a sweatshirt outside.

2 days ago, the kids and I accidentally locked ourselves out of the house when we went outside to shovel the driveway. We were out there 2 hours before my husband brought the key home and it was NO big deal. It's so nice having nice temperatures.

I hope your ice mess improves soon. Tell the boys Hi from us ♥

Anonymous said...
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Sandy said...

Wow....Finn is beautiful! I can remember back when I had my Weimers that "blue" was a mistake! How times have been sewing up a storm, and your young lady is right along with you! :) Happy Valentines Day kiddo!

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