Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Week

Here's an ice road for you. Our snow is gone and we're down to the ice layer from the rain. As I write this it's quite cold and windy this Sunday @ 10 degrees for the high. Tomorrow and on out it will warm up again meaning rain. Such is the weather in this part of AK (that's Alaska not Arkansas like everyone thinks) 
 My Chanel fabric from Mood Fabrics arrived by way of my son in CA as they don't ship to AK, well that's not entirely true they will for $45. The lining I had on hand. The background on the fabric is the exact color of the lining, aqua. 
 Courtney 'very' carefully cutting out her Chanel jacket last week. She has the exact boucle in pink as I do.

This is my Valentine apron in this sweet vintage print from All us girls are making the same apron. This one has a lot of hand work on the red binding on the inside little invisible stitches. The ties are lined in solid red fabric and the skirt is lined in batiste giving the apron a lot of body, something I learned from Renee over on My Vintage Mending blog. 

Courtney being a creative and talented young woman ran this quilt up sometime after we did a table runner for Christmas. That was all the quilting she ever did and she comes up with this from a book she purchased! It's a very large quilt which she will have quilted out of town. Her color choices are all so great in this. She amazes me!!
And last here is Finn my daughter's new Weim puppy over in Kodiak. He is still with his birth mama as he's only 4 weeks old but they visit him every week. Very unusual for a breeder of Weims to be in Kodiak she feels this pup was meant to be. 


Creative Breathing said...

Nan, How I wish I could belong to your Sewing School! I used to sew clothes and so many things many years ago, but now I seem to have lost all nerve. Mood Fabrics! I know this name from watching Project Runway in New York. I so enjoy the process of sewing that you share with us.
Your apron! Oh my gosh! So very sweet. I miss our sweet Renee's sewing posts.
The roads? Are they not paved where you live? Forgive my ignorance.
Enjoy your upcoming week. I never thought I would ever say there is more snow here in Ohio than Arkansas! AK! E

Sandy said...


I just adore the apron!!! It looks so cute on you. I am just amazed every time you show the fabrics you are sewing with that you can still find them! So vintage and pretty! And that puppy....Oh Dear! lol

margits bastelstube said...

dear nan,
nice that you had the young people learn sewaing. your workpieces are unique! the puppy is your daughter is so cute... thanks for sharing!
many greetings

MJ said...

Courtney has come so far since she's been sewing with you to be up to working on that difficult pattern with a fabric like that--with all the matching that's going to be involved--I remember some of the things I used to have to try to match when I was sewing all my own clothes.

Ingrid's pup is so adorable, I bet she can hardly wait to be able to bring him home.

Inger said...

Courtney is very talented, that quilt is great. The puppy is adorable, I can't wait to hear more about him when he comes to his permanent home. Isn't the weather weird everywhere? Take care, Nan, and enjoy this new week.

Terra said...

Darling puppy and love the apron and its pattern. Courtney is very talented. That icy road looks too dangerous to drive on, or walk on!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Nan...

I am a huge fan of that cute apron on you! To me, that is the very cute side of Nan that I love. In some magical way, I can see the photo and see you as a little girl. I love the little girl in you that loves her dolls and storybooks.

The quilt is really cool. I have a quilt story, I made one long ago when I was in middle school and it got soooo big it turned out to be KING size! Then, along came my first boyfriend a few years later and I for sure thought he was the love of my life. I gave him my quilt. We broke up about 4 months later and Larry and my quilt were never to be seen again!

Thinking of you! Cheers to January and onward to that magical month celebrating love sweet love!

ImagiMeri said...

Wow so much sewing going on, and that apron is adorable pretty lady. The puppy is the best part.


Sacramento Amate said...

I have been missing you so much, my dearest Nan. Always creating magic, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I wish I could just fly in my gold shoes to land close to you.

The Custards said...

Hello again
That is a particularly lovely apron that you are sporting
Best wishes

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