Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mainly Sewing

My student finished her gathered skirt Friday and modeled it over her clothes here. She already has cut out an apron and was working on that.

Below is the fabric for the Chanel jacket. I'm thinking already we're in trouble on the pattern for matching and won't have enough, yikes what was I thinking. This is my older student's fabric from Mood Fabric. Mine is the same in a blue this is pink.
 So far we've put in 10.5 hours on the muslin and cut no fashion fabric as yet.
 Three moose and an eagle out the window. All this snow is gone now this was the 16th.


ImagiMeri said...

Hey pretty lady,

So sorry I haven't commented in a while. I'm sick right now, but getting better. You've definitely been busy lately and how fun to have your students working along side of you.

I also wanted to let you know that if you need any type of supplies that you can't get locally, please check with me. I'm more than happy to share or hunt down goodies for you, and the shipping isn't that bad from AZ. I've actually paid more for shipping back east and internationally than to Alaska, so keep that in mind.

Love ya'

A Vintage Chic said...

What a lucky girl to be learning from you, Nan! She'll appreciate it all of her life...

Love that picture with the elk & eagle--what a view!

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend!


Creative Breathing said...

Nan, With such a complicated pattern, I can imagine how intimidating it must be to cut into your lovely fabric.
A moose/eagle post! Double the excitement here!
Enjoy your week Nan! Elizabeth

Debby said...

I would think that a plaid fabric would have to be hard to match up. Has it been a mild winter so far for you. It seems that winter has been different for everyone this year.
Youur boys don't care as long as they have you around.

Kate said...

I would love to look out my windows and see moose and eagles. How wonderful is that? I would never tackle that plaid with that jacket, but then, I am not that good a seamstress. Looking forward to the finished project.

Sandy said...

Hi Nan, I see you and your students are sewing up a storm. I love her purple satin skirt. You are brave to try a Chanel jacket. I'm very happy to have a large cutting table now. And I can't believe I finally upgraded my New Home Memory Craft 6000 from 1984 to a brand new 2012 Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000. And we leave for Florida next week. I won't be able to take my new owners classes for awhile. Too many interests and not enough time. Good luck with your Chanel jacket. I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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Jacqueline said...

Hi Nan from way up north!

Looks like life is puttering on and you are busy teaching. She is so cute in that skirt! I was just talking yesterday to the residents about sewing. It's charming to see women still wanting to sew. By the time they get over 80 and they are in retirement communities they always bring their favorite slippers, books, pictures and one lady from Colorado just arrived with her sewing machine! She is such an inspiration and loves to sew. Recently half the community was ill with that nasty flu and dear Helen was content as can be sewing to her hearts content.

Thinking of you this morning! How is dear Lorraine? It looks like a mild winter there??? We have only had a dusting of snow but heavy fog and temps dipping to the teens. Chilly!

There is the weather report! Gads, sorry, but the gnomes and I are taking cover!

LBP said...

That is a beautiful fabric. I love that you are teaching these young ladies how to sew! Seems like there is a resurgence!



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