Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Disciplines Dogs and Dyecuts

My newest student Autumn who is 14 and has made napkins and pillow cases so far. We just cut out a gathered satin skirt to make next before we learn to sew with a pattern. She is doing great! What a sweet heart to teach too.
(The boys are helping of course)

The above are some scores on Etsy. Sonya Henie paper dolls and dye cuts from German or England I found a dealer who has all kinds of these. I have a lot more of them I purchased. 
This is me doing my annual job of turning off the water underneath the guest cottage. I did this in November. Isn't that the prettiest jacket? I love it. I wear knee pads doing this as the crawl space is only a few feet. 

The above Spaniel's owner finally called for her at the shelter today, an entire week after she came to my house. I can't really understand this. She lives very close to me just outside my subdivision here. She had until Friday and then this dog was going up for adoption. This dog on the bottom is Jelly Bean and I'm going tomorrow to check her out for my daughter who lives on Kodiak and cannot get dogs like we can over here. She had a very sweet face and spoke to me so I'll take her for a walk Wed.
I want to make another of E's Valentine wreaths they are so fun. There are no wreath forms here, I checked, so I had to come up with a way to make the shape. Rolled newspaper then twisted fabric strips around, taped and then the pink crepe paper on top. This part actually does not show at all so looks don't really matter here. 


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I do love that jacket! Very ingenious coming up with your own wreath form...

vivian said...

good idea for the wreath form. I had one in my hand the other day at joanns, and put it back. Now that im about ready to make one, I wish I had bought it!
I hope that little dog gets to go home to your daughter. I hate animal shelters.... they just break my heart!
good for you to crawl under there... I would be afraid too!
spiders... snakes.. mice... who knows whatmight be lurking there! lol!! you are a brave girl!
happy day

LBP said...

Oh that pink jacket is lovely! Those poor doggies...I sure hope your daughter can take that sweet dog. Our chocolate lab passed away in September and I miss her so much.

I would have never thought about making a wreath form from newspaper. Genius!

I love that you are teaching a new generation the art of sewing. Can't wait to see you new student's progress.



Debby said...

So wonderful that you can share you talents with such eager students. I am sure you enjoy it. What a beautiful jacket to be crawling under the house. I could never do that. Once my son crawled into a storm drain and crawled quite far to get a bouncy ball. When I saw where he was all I could imagine was the "Jessica" story. My friend had to talk him out by having him crawl backwards. Only my son would have thought of such a thing.
I was worried about that Springer. What took the owner so long. No one ever claimed my Piper and he is the best dog ever. The little one you are looking into for your daughter is so sweet. I want to volunteer at the HUmane Society but don't know if I can resist bringing them all home.....since I have done that with dogs and kids.

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Nan, It is the most fun reading about your students and their sewing progress.
Oh, I wanted to tell you I did get a Nook for Christmas and it has helped me tremendously to focus well enough to read. I just love it!
Any favorite books lately?

Jacqueline said...

I miss you Nan. That is what I want to say this morning!

I loved seeing your snow pictures and your trip under the guest cottage made me smile. You always make me smile!

I'm thinking perhaps the lady didn't have enough money to pick up her dog? Who knows but one thing I know for sure, the baby will be happy to get home and out of the shelter!

That is so cool you have students!!! You would be perfect in that roll and what a blessing to the students!

Until we chat again, you are safe in my heart.

Inger said...

First: I'm so glad you were able to rescue that spaniel and that you may help another dog find a home. That little one is so cute, I hope it works out.

Second: Only you would wear such a pretty jacket to go crawling under a house!!

I love my dogs said...

Using the newspaper was a cheap and easy way to make a wreath shape. Think I will try it with some hot glue. Maybe wrap fabric strips around it instead of crepe paper. Love your blog.

Sacramento Amate said...

I love you coming out with your pretty pink jacket, and so much going on.
Happy weekend, Nan

The Custards said...

I had to read through very carefully to find out why you were crawling out of a hole!
Keep warm and dry!
Best wishes

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