Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chanel Jackets and Valentines

 Been working on the Chanel jacket muslin. I told Courtney who is making one right along with me this was the most difficult sewing I have ever done in my life. The jacket may look simple but what they have going on inside the garment is far from simple. I'm keeping track of hours on this one as it's said to take 70 hours to make one.

Been working on this second Valentine wreath. I'm giving it to a friend. They were sure fun to make. 
Lots of homes here in Homer have flooded with all the warmer weather and rain we had. Today we see a change coming for colder temps and snow instead of rain. About time!


Debby said...

That's alot of hours. Makes you appreciate the prices for fine clothing. It will be beautiful, I'm sure.
I bet youlove having your students and of course your gray supervisors.
Love your Valentines wreaths.
I would rather have the snow than the rain in the winter. We have been having rain and warm temps. but it has changed to colder temps. and winter weather warnings. Stay warm.

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, I was just going to say I eye spied a cute wreath on the wall. Boy was I right! This room you have for your students is fantastic! I'm laughing at myself as I thought the muslin looked so pretty! I didn't realize it's the inside! Oh my gosh, what the outside will look like! Can't wait! E

A Vintage Chic said...

Wow, Nan--70 hours?!?!? You are so very dedicated, my friend! I know it will be gorgeous, as is everything you create...

And your second wreath will be just as fabulous as your first--what a lucky friend!


Inger said...

I was surprised as I looked through the window in your fabulous sewing room and saw how little snow there is on the ground. I know this jacket will be something else.

Jacqueline said...

Trying to decided which dog that is. Gosh, they are both so beautiful. I was trying to concentrate on your sewing post but my heart beats for the pups! Wink!

Rain, rain, fog, rain, oh, the sun, rain, rain rain.....I can relate!

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