Monday, December 3, 2012

Pomegranate anyone?

My California long time friends sent me a box of these guys and look at the price they are today in the store
Finally something on the wall here. Bought this oil painted photo from our friends Tom and Mary at the Nutcracker Faire.  

Here is the Chanel jacket pattern from Vogue. I bought the pattern on line on sale as Courtney (my student) and I plan to start one next. Above is the fabric I've had for sometime now. It's boucle and a silk for the lining. There is nothing simple or quick about these and they say take 70 hours to make, taking 17 hours alone to set in the sleeve. This is all if you are doing it the traditional Chanel method with no short cuts. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Nan...these turned out darling..I love the extra touches...smiles..Renee

Sacramento Amate said...

I wish I had little ones that could wear such beautiful clothes.

Alaska Hunting said...

Wow! Your friends are so generous.

And oh, I love the design of that jacket. Please post pictures whenever you're done with the jacket making.

LBP said...

I love the Chanel jacket! I have looked at that pattern, but I am afraid my sewing skills are not on par to make that! Can't wait to see your finished product..



Creative Breathing said...

Hi Nan, I am nuts about the seeds from this fruit, and we drink the juice every morning. Brain food they say! Your Christmas photo is so lovely, and I had to enjoy once again the Blue Dress post. Lovely! Both you and the dress! Show us the steps of these sleeves as you go along. I can only imagine 17 hours, what precision. Elizabeth

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