Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Gertie Blouse

This is Gertie's Bowtied Blouse pattern Courtney and I made. It came out very very small in the neck. I added an inch back by letting out the sleeve seam. It's a 34 or size 4 and really very tiny. This beautiful red fabric has a stretch to it and I put on covered buttons and made button holes with my trusty 47 Singer and button hole maker. A perfect button hole each time I love it! My newer Swedish machine is very unpredictibe on button holes, you can be going along making a couple then it decides to put legs on them or 'extensions' ! Very frustrating. Gertie's patterns too are very frustrating for us. I made the red lace mentioned below over 3 times and gave up and threw in the towel.
This image above I printed off and glued it on an orange ribbon which I will lay on each plate with a name written on the pumpkin for name place cards at our Thanksgiving table. We're having 7 guests plus us and maybe two more I won't know until the deadline of the hour before. I will be setting up an additional table and scrounging chairs around here! The boys will be on their best behavior in a large crowd. 
Have a great Thanksgiving my Friends.


ImagiMeri said...

That is a beautiful blouse, but I'd have to make sure I have someone home to button up the back ;o)

Well done.

Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.

Love ya'

Debby said...

Cute blouse. Size 4 is tiny.
Happy Thanksgiving. Sounds like a house full.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Nan! Have a great day with your family! ~Kimberly

LBP said...

The blouse is beautiful but it has been some years since I have seen a size 4!

Love you cape too! I bought a hooded cape pattern but haven't tried it out yet.



My Vintage Mending said...

Nan the blouse is darling..I understand how difficult some patters are and have thrown in the towel many times...Happy Thanksgiving..smiles..Renee

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