Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Week

I found this on FB it's a photo of a Russian Penguin. I bet you didn't know we have some of these way up north in Alaska. It's a well kept secret in order to preserve them but I thought posting on my blog would be okay as not that many see it. 

Pastor a couple Sunday's ago was preaching on relationships and made this statement, "If you really want to show your wife you love her, take her to the Opera" Here is Bob Thursday night in Homer Alaska at the opera with me! Bet you didn't know we had opera in Homer. Click on the opera link above to see!! Oh I wore a black cape lined in crimson I made in the 70's. Didn't get a shot of that. As we left the theatre that night we both promply flopped on the ice! 

 Sewing projects have been going on hot and heavy here! Courtney and I are working on the same projects now, she is so talented! We both made this blouse from Gertie's sewing book called The Bowtied Blouse. Both of us had problems with the collar being too small. Mine is of a stretchy heavy cotton, a really beautiful lush fabric.

This cute PJ holding dog Courtney made. She had one as a child just like it. She put her old dog inside of this new one!  He came out so cute I have one cut out myself in white with red dots. 
The next Gertie project is this lace blouse. I have it cut out and will work on this today, my fabrics being from the Russian shop. Courtney is going to be making the identical blouse. I work slightly ahead of her as to weed out the problem areas with the assembly. 
Gnomes spotted in Safeway. The gnomes below I found on Pinterest and have made one similar in the past and want to make another. Cute huh! There is a tutorial here to make these cuties. 
I close with a shot of Kalen relaxing in his Dad's chair on one of my quilts!


My Vintage Mending said...

Just as jealous as can be that you don't have all the dog hair...smiles...Renee

MJ said...

I never heard of such a thing as a Russian penguin--and I'm a penguin lover! I must admit that to me the head looks like a bear's head--and the furry body sure looks like a bear, but then the wings and the feet and the little tail there definitely are penguin. I've never seen any before--like you said, they definitely are a well kept secret, but so cute.

Terra said...

I love that pink lace blouse pattern and the cute gnomes. Opera, wow, and the furry Russian penguins. I won't tell anyone.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

I have to agree what MJ said up there about that penguin looked like a bear, I surely have never heard of such a thing. God sure has a sense of humor and I love how HE shows it off.
You two looked great at the opera.

Sandy said...

That animal looks like a cross between a bear and a penguin! How odd!

Sandy said...

You are kidding us, right???? No such animal, right! Geez!!!!!LOL LOL

Debby said...

Okay, Nan, seriously.
First the Russian penguin, the black cape, the tatoo lady, you slipped on the ice.....not sure I am believing all of this. You did look nice at the Opera. Are you okay?

Sandy said...

Cute post Nan! Love your sewing. And going to the opera? How neat. I've never been to the opera. Did you like it? I think you are pulling our leg about the Russian Penquins though.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Yes, you guys have your Russian penguins and we have our Jackalopes!

Pajama bags! I forgot about those! That's one of the reasons I love the blogs. They patch together my childhood. I think I had a cat PJ bag- or maybe it was my sisters...

Watch out for that ice, girly! ♥

ImagiMeri said...

Those penguins must be in the same catagory as our infamous "Jackalope" which is a cross between a jackrabbit and an antelope. Go to any old western town around here and you'll see a stuffed Jackalope somewhere.

You've been so busy with your weather, and sewing, and such. It's amazing to me how active you are in that weather.

Love ya'

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