Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Completed Projects

 We've had some snow here this week.
 Painting projects last week, here are the photos. The wall on the stairs where you see the photos going up was painted from a green to 'wheat buff' because it was going to run into a blue we painted our bedroom at the top of the stairs and would clash. 
 Here is the blue paint and the boys are sitting on the plush new carpet in Weimaraner color I picked out. Below is the blue wall again with an embroidery my sister made. 
One more project I forgot to do a photo of is in my craft room I painted a wall pink!

Every year our church does these Christmas boxes which are fun to assemble. We fill the box from a suggested list and this year I had to put in a cute fairy doll. You put a tag on the top the age group and if it's for a boy or girl and it can go anywhere in the world. We will find out by e-mail due to the tracking that goes on the box I print off their website so that is fun to find out. It also costs 7 dollars to send the box which can be paid on their website. Our church has a deadline and all boxes leave together. Our church is trying for 100 boxes. I was wondering if any of your churches do this project?


tanita davis said...

Wow, Nan, the paint job (and the puppy models) look great.

Our church does Christmas Eve for Everybody, which is dinner and gifts, but the tracking and individual wrapping thing looks fun. There's always room for one more project...!

Sacramento Amate said...

What a brilliant idea when comunities come together for projects like this.
It is not the first time i tell you this, but everytime i see you, your photos and your home I feel warm and conforted inside.
Much love, dear Nan

Debby said...

Oh snow......wonderif we will get any with the snow coming to the East Coast. I don't think so but one can hope.
I seriously think the owner of themoney was out of state probably a parent of a student.
Do your dogs always stay together. They are so cute.
Love the idea of the boxes. We have that around here as well. I love doing those boxes. I did a bunch once for kids in Afghanistan....not the same boxes, these were on my own. I had my students bring in things. I got McDonalds to donate their happy meal toys....Madame Alexandria dolls and put in little cars for the boys. Lots of crayons, scissors, paoer and etc. The good thing was that I could mail them to my son's APO box and it wasn't too expensive to mail it. I did however fal down the steps at school trying to carry the box. Ouch.

MJ said...

We don't do the box thing at our church. We put up a large tree and then hang tags on it with ages of people that the parish gets from an agency here along with whether they are boys, girls, men, or women. They buy the gift that is asked for, wrap it, attach the tag, put it under the tree and hang a snowflake on the tree in place of the tag that they removed. The weekend before Christmas the presents are all removed and delivered to the place where the names were gotten from and then they deliver the gifts to the people they go to--that way nobody at the church really knows who they go to so it is like "secret Santa gifts". There are never any tags left over and some people are never able to get tags because they have all been taken before they got there to pick one.

A Vintage Chic said...

Love that Christmas box idea! Our Church does a lot of giving all year, and definitely at Christmas, but I haven't heard of that project--that's wonderful!

Your home looks beautiful, Nan!


Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Our church does Operation Christmas Child here in Iowa, such a wonderful mission.

Not ready to see snow yet, so keep it up there. :) It has been getting colder though. Nothing like the East Coast, I just can't imagine.

Jacqueline said...

Hi Nan!

I have two bathrooms and a hallway to paint myself. One is my poodle bathroom and I'm going soft pink. The other bathroom I've still searching for a theme but I think I'm going with warm colors. It is off our bedroom and the bedroom is in more of a log furniture, three bears theme. Ha! Maybe a whimsical outhouse theme?

Love seeing the pups! I feel like I know them! My Sadie Mae is holding her own and her life is simple. Our vet calls her the cutest little old lady she has ever seen! Tazmo is still going 80 miles an hour...he loves to play from morning to night.

The doll you sent is so special. It's just like you to pack up that sweet box and send it off. It must make your heart glad to give. We all need more reminders of that, that we have nothing to complain about, the world is in such need.

Love you as always!

barncat said...

Yes, we do the Samaritan's Purse boxes too. Our small country church has already passed our goal of 100 boxes, yay!

LBP said...

Love the wheat color of your walls! Very pretty. Goes good with the dogs too! LOL!

We do Operation Christmas stocking. Our local TV station gives out empty stockings (they are quite large) and we bring them back to the station or the local mall filled with an age of the child stapled to it. It's one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time!

My Vintage Mending said...

Love the color of the always have the boys so beautifully set...we just did Thanksgiving packages at the church...smiles..Renee

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Nan, Your student's jacket turned out very nicely. She looks so proud of herself! I can't wait to see your fancy vintage dress. Hong Kong seams! They sound so interesting! I love when you show your sister's stitchery. I think it is absolutely charming. The boys provided quite the nice color pallet for your new carpet. Plush indeed! Looking forward to your museum photos. Elizabeth

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