Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Very Fall like here

Every year I have to post the cost of pumpkins in Homer Alaska. This year tops last year as I believe they were 15. Look at that price this year! The pumpkin is not the cost you realize it's the cost of getting it up here. I filled my car up last weekend for $4.45

All taken from my house this week. It's very Fall like here. Bob has been fishing several times getting king salmon and halibut. His friend saw halibut for sale in ND for 40 dollars a pound. That is worse than the pumpkin in Alaska!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I can't imagine buying too many pumpkins at that price. Our local garden center has them for sale for $1.50 regardless of size. Crazy price!

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Those prices are crazy! We're spending here, but not that bad. Gas is killing us too, but I'm sure you guys have some of the highest in the country though. Your fall pics are gorgeous.

vintage grey said...

Oh, so gorgeous there!!! Wow, so pricey! xo Heather

vivian said...

wow! thats a lot for pumpkins! I complain if they cost me more then a few dollars. I bought 5 the other day for 2.00 each and then a friend of mine who grows them gave me 13 all different size ones for free. If I were in alaska, Id be buying the fake ones (which I love and have quite a few of) perhaps they are not so expensive as the real ones there.
still, very beautiful where you live.. and that overrides the cost of those pumpkins! lol!
have a great day nan!

LBP said...

Holy pumpkin pie!! That's a lot for a pumpkin! I paid $3.00 each for mine. I love the photos of the leaves changing, ours are just starting to change, but the colors are not as vivid this year due to a lack of rain.



Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

You have some nice color there, Nan! We won't have much here this year because of lack of rain. :(

I think I'd stick to fake pumpkins if I were you! :)

chris mckinley said...

Thanks for sharing such amazing pictures!! It's just beautiful!! I can' imagine paying more than a couple of dollars for pumpkins!!

ImagiMeri said...

Yikes. I'm complaining about $3.89 a gallon.....but hey, it should be much lower! I almost bought pumpkin pie pumpkins for .78 each yesterday. If I had your prices, I wouldn't even bother with pumpkins.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so beautiful! Thank You for sharing them!

Park City, UT

Prims and Annies said...

I get so excited when I see that you have posted to your blog. My husband was born in Fairbanks, but did not grow up there - military father. He also enjoys the pictures - so do I
Have a great day!

Debby said...

Wow, that is really high for a pumpkin. Those don't even look very big. Was that per gallon on the gas. If it wasn't you must have a Pruis or something. Really crazy prices.
I know here groceries keep climbing. I can't believe what I pay for a can of anything. May have to shop at Aldi's.
You have to appreciate the beauty around you for sure, right.

Inger said...

Gorgeous autumn photos, Nan. And thank you so much for your comments about Samson. I do feel better today.

Sacramento Amate said...

It looks so wondeful,my dearest Nan, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am dreaming of Alaska now.

MJ said...

Our gas just went down to $3.69, but I'm sure it won't stay there long. I think it only went down because we got home Wednesday and filled it up t the higher price, but it wasn't too bad--$3.79. It just amazes me how it can change 10 cents a gallon at a time, used to be only a few cents at a time. The other thing is that you can go about 20 miles from here and the price is always lower, but who's going to waste the gas to go get the lower price gas unless it's really a lot lower to make it worth the trip?

Little Susie Home Maker said...

So happy to see all of your gorgeous view! Wow, I thought pumpkins were a lot here! Thanks for the pretty view!

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, I just watched "The Fourth Encounter" that takes place in Nome, Alaska. Oh my gosh, you have to fly in - no roads. And secondly - have you ever heard about all the disappearances of persons that have been repeatedly investigated by the FBI to no avail? Aliens!!!!! Anyway..... the scenery was spectacular!!!! Keep on sewing! E

The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post!!

Really love your style and posts!!

A blog like this deserves following!

Hope to see you back on mine for a peek :)



Storybook Woods said...

$18.99 are you serious? Akkkkk. Well it make my store look cheap, so that you for that!! Clarice

Longuette said...

I love the colours of Alaska. It's something breath taking and so emotional!

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...


Diane Mars said...

Wow that is some crazy pumpkin prices! I just cannot get my head around that and next question do people buy them? LOL We are hit pretty hard here in California with our Gas prices. Hugs, California

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