Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It turned cold and started to snow

 I still have the buttons to do on this bolero (black vintage glass) which I lined in a matching satin. This crushed velvet was a nightmare to sew with and I will never do it again. It kept slipping out of place even when pinned. My student cut one out today which is wool lined in a gold satin which will really be pretty. I will post that when she gets it together.

The boys new winter collars arrived today from this Etsy Shop. They have a glow in the dark band in the middle which is surrounded by another strip of reflective tape so these really can be seen in the dark. One collar glows blue and one green but the collars are on blue nylon wedding and have Velcro closures. They are very comfortable and have a small ring for their name tag. 
Today is the first day we really had snow here at the house. It was going on while the window washer was getting all the high windows Bob can't reach. This is the last time for washing windows as soon it will freeze up. 
It's 36 tonight and snowing, we have the wood stove going. 


A Vintage Chic said...

Such beautiful velvet, Nan! Love that color...

I can't believe you've got snow already--wow! Keep cozy, my friend!


ImagiMeri said...

Wowza, that coat is amazing. Minnesota had their first snow a couple of weeks ago, so it stands to reason you'd be getting some now. Are your students able to make it to your classes during the big storms? I would just love to have your workspace, and those windows are amazing and let in so much light....you are blessed pretty lady.

By the way, I'm still enjoying your jam on a bagel each morning...you are such a good cook!


LBP said...

Snow! We are in the 70's today! Some years we don't even get a flake of snow!

I love the velvet jacket and agree that velvet is a bear to work with! I made a velvet dress for me and a little suit for my DS many years ago and swore it off then!

Love your big windows!


Debby said...

The velvet is pretty even if it was a stinker to sew.
I love how the boys collars glow different colors. Great idea. They are always so funny sitting up so straight and right by each other.

Jewels said...

Brrrr Nan - we have been going up and down over the past couple of weeks here in Michigan (one morning it was 29, tomorrow we are expecting a high of 70 - go figure)...lovin the jacket despite the work to make it! J

Marinela said...

Beautiful velvet, Nan :)

All the best

Creative Breathing said...

Nan, How thrilling that you have a student! She could not learn from anyone more talented. You are very on trend in the north woods - velvet is IN this fall season! Beautiful jacket. Elizabeth

MJ said...

I absolutely love that color. As for sewing on velvet--I'll never forget the first--and last time I ever did it--I made a formal for myself, many, many years ago out of velvet and swore I would never do it again, and to this day have kept that promise. Not only never worked with velvet again for myself but never did it for either of my daughters either--fortunately velvet wasn't really anything they were too interested in anyway. LOL Did I mention that I also learned the hard way that you don't try to iron velvet? Fortunately learned that on a small piece though--too bad I hadn't asked my mom before I just went ahead and did it, could have saved a lot of time.

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