Monday, September 17, 2012

North Pole Alaska

 Some more photos of the Denali area

A visit to the North Pole which was quite close to Fairbanks. We went to Santa's house which is very popular there. A nice RV park which was really closed was next door so the dogs enjoyed this. A Santa with a very big butt was facing the hwy here and a set of his reindeer. They also had real reindeer next to the Santa house but they were hard to photograph through all the fencing. 
This is why they call it fireweed in the Fall the leaves turn this brillant red. This taken out my craftroom window. 


Inger said...

I love those snow clad mountains. What a beautiful place you live in. The forest part reminded me of Sweden.

Diane Mars said...

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing! Hugs~

ImagiMeri said...

Wow, wow and've been traveling! I know it's your home state, but it looks like you went around the world. I had to backtrack over three of your posts, you've been so busy. Happy seems like you have one every year....LOL. I so wish I could visit you, it would be sheer bliss to see so much beauty.


margits bastelstube said...

hallo liebe nan,
vielen dank für diesen post. ich liebe alaska ebenso wie canada... wenn man das so sagen kann. ich habe auch schon viel darüber gelesen.
ganz liebe grüße

Sandy said...

No fair, you get to go to Santa's House! lol

Charlene said...

I went to that Christmas Store in North Pole when we visited Alaska. Also, Denali. Did you see the old quantsit huts that have become a hotel? The workers from the Alcan Highway building days built/stayed there. It was really interesting. We actually got to see the mountain that day. The guides say MANY people never do get to see it. HUGS!

My Vintage Mending said...

No way...reindeer and all. I am going to show the kids. It is beautiful. Happy Anniversary what a wonderful story and accomplishment. The fireweed is spectacular. Smiles..Renee

Sandy said...

Oh your fantastic photos bring back memories of our RV trip to Alaska in 2010 ! Has it really been that long since we visited you and Bob? We are talking of returning. If we can schedule our trip to England in May of next year maybe we can go in June. We might do the ferry both ways. Just talking nothing is firmed up yet.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and not just for the sewing. I am at the other end of the world (NZ)and it is wonderful to see the beautiful place you live in. I am going to show my grand daughter the picture of Santa's house which she will love.

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