Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall with Termination Dust*Sewing*Banners

 Well Fall is certainly here in this part of Alaska. We also have termination dust on the mountains and received some snowfall today. I however did not see any of that snow in my area but after midnight we should have more.
 Pan with his aristocratic face on.

 I exchanged three banners with Meri, Elizabeth, and Sandy. I just got theirs out to them. Meri pushed me in that direction by sending me the large stash of stuff you see above. I have such sweet blogging friends and am grateful for them!

This is the Kuspuk I'm working on to sell. The only part I like is the handwork. Inside the hood which I lined in red satin I put seam binding on that seam where it attaches to the body and did it all by hand both sides. I also have one sleeve attached. Left is the second sleeve and the gathered skirt. Gee this is taking me forever. I had trouble with the cryptic pattern instructions for one. 


Sandy said...

Oh Nan! It is just beautiful there! I am going to Wisconsin this next week, so I get a "real" fall too! And as usual an elegant photo of one of your beautiful boys!

Inger said...

It doesn't get much better than fall pictures from your place. And Pan looks like he's found his rightful place in your house.

LBP said...

Snow! Already? We are just beginning the cool down here is Virginia! Still 80 degrees during the day.

I love the children's clothes you are making!



Creative Breathing said...

Nan, My brother and sister-in-law are always stating that they can't wait to back pack in Denali, and I hadn't a clue where that was and too embarrassed to ask. Reading past posts, I see that it is in Alaska! I will tell her about the colorful tops that are so popular. So glad to see you will be selling your beautiful sewn items. Thank you so much for your banner. I am so glad you included a photo along with the pups. I love your blog because of all you share with us! Elizabeth

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Nan, I LOVE the garland! How beautiful!

I blogged today about your super sweet girl. We are so excited to read the book (I'm even more excited about the beautiful ribbon, haha)

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