Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eagle and Whale Report

Cute photo of my smart and attentive boys!
Report on the local eagles. Above are two eagles now out of the nest. They squeak a lot around here. Their nest tree is below and you can see them on my neighbor's house. Their parents have been here longer than the 11 years we have so I don't know how many they have raised.

The below Gray whale is being worked on in the Pratt Museum. I checked it out this week. A team is putting it together and it's so large the whole body cannot be assembled in this room. The bones are 13 years old and the story on this is here if you want to read it, a very interesting article. 

 The flipper
 Below is the head


Jewels said...

My husband (who never pays attention to my blogging) was looking over my shoulder when I was "awing" over your two boys - even he was impressed LOL. The whale is fascinating Nan....J

ImagiMeri said...

Those two dogs always bring a smile to my face....I've always loved Weimaraners!

That whale is amazing, and you are so fortunate to see it.



Thank you for your warm welcome, my dear Nan.
You are so dear to me.

Into Vintage said...

Your two boys are the cutest (and so photogenic)!! I'm sure you must be familiar with William Wegman's photos of his Weimeraners (hoping I spelled that somewhat correctly). xo

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Yes, I agree your dogs are cute - BUT WOMAN THOSE EAGLES ARE AWESOME!!! My, what a huge whale that was.

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