Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Orange is the color today

 My friend's poppies in bloom
Just to let you know we've had a few sunny days and this is one of them!
Bob went fishing on the Kenai River Monday with friends who have a boat they put in the river. Bob had a permit for 35 salmon (free permit to AK residents) and he came home with 15 reds which is plenty we don't want more than that. He is going to smoke some up and I will can some as well, might freeze and leave out a couple fillets for the next house guests that arrive the 24th. We can get our years worth of fish all in one shot which is nice. The above photo is our dinner today I will grill wrapped in a foil lined in parchment.


Creative Breathing said...

Hello! You have just posted as I left a comment on your last good news post. You always cook the most appetizing meals Nan! You inspire us all to eat more healthy. Elizabeth

Inger said...

OH, that salmon made me green with envy. I know how much you will enjoy them, all of them.

Terra said...

I live so far from you, in California, and love to visit Alaska with you here. The salmon catch is spectacular and the orange blaze of poppies.

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan I had to look at that poppy photo twice. It looked fake. So beautiful. Drooling over the salmon...enjoy it. Smiles...Renee

MJ said...

The red in the poppies is amazing--reminds me of when I was a kid--we had red poppies in our yard--back then everybody grew red poppies and nobody ever gave a thought to them being used for anything other than pretty flowers---guess that's giving away how old I am, that it was OK to be growing them.

LBP said...

That salmon looks delicious! We really loved grilled salmon. Never as fresh as yours!



chris mckinley said...

Yummy! I love the poppies!! What great colors!!


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