Monday, July 2, 2012

The Blues

My new favorite outfit! Thinking of red/white/blue for the 4th holiday coming up this week I wore this outfit to church Sunday. The checked blouse from below and the navy Dupoini navy silk gathered skirt. The second photo is the skirt in my car showing how it just 'glows' I love this fabric!! So simple just gather two yards of silk put on a waist band and 7 inch zipper and hem, what could be easier, and this is skirt is versatile as well. 

Jam making again this time large CA plums. Second photo 
'jam of a view'. 
The blue poppy buds are Indigo or Lapis in color 

I see different lights on the poppies and always run out to take more photos of them in the new light as I am totally fascinated by their blueness!! (that is why I post so many photos of them!)
Bob and his garden in a shallow standing box. He grows radishes here. Things are not doing well due to the very cool summer we're having. Most folks have their produce in these 'high tunnels' around here. There is a State of AK grant to get one rather cheaply if you are willing to go along with the rules of getting one up. My friend Cookie has one going up out by her little cabin. She plans to grow vegetables in there to sell at the Homer's Farmers Market.  


ImagiMeri said...

Your having a cool summer and we're having our regular hot one. Bob's plants probably would burn up out here in 114 degrees. I love your outfit, and I've always loved silk.


My Vintage Mending said...

Even love the red shoes...That is a gorgeous little firecracker outfit. Perfect length for the skirt too. Over the moon for the poppies and would enjoy a peanut butter and plum jam sandwich staring at them...smiles...Renee

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Very cute outfit indeed!
We have a small garden, and a lot of heat. But we have enjoyed tomatoes and radishes already from it. We are blessed.

Debby said...

You look good in those colors. A fun material. Of course the boys look good as well.
I'd like to see what those tunnels look like.
The picture of your jam in the window with the great view is beautiful.
I want to move there to get away from this heat.

Julie Hargreaves said...

Pan and Kalen are just beautiful i have always had a soft spot for them

LBP said...

Your outfit is just stunning on you! I am so envious of your blue poppies they are just beautiful. Your plum jam looks delicious. I have planted several plum trees here without success. I guess it's just the wrong climate.



Creative Breathing said...

I agree Nan, this is a favorite outfit definitely! I wanted to let you know I have mailed your CB banner. I hope it takes a direct route to you. I remember the route the little skier gal took!
Take as many blue photos as your heart wishes. We all enjoy them so very much!
Happy 4th of July to you! Elizabeth

Paula said...

Your blouse and skirt are just lovely! And your jam looks so good. I've never made plum jam. I have so many jars of jam from friends, I could eat jam three times a day for a year and still have some left! So, no jam making for me this year!


I coming over to get some jum, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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