Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Saturday in Homer

By the way if you haven't noticed I have a couple new pages that will stay up
showing scenes of the Fairy Cottage with the links right under my banner.
 I made a second batch of rhubarb-strawberry jam. 
The rhubarb grows prolific in my garden here. 
 The Pratt Museum had the opening of their trail today so we took the boys and walked the trail.
 I always love seeing this little red house off the trail in the woods.
 Bob and I eat Primal but hey every once in a blue moon I get something special.
This was advertised in the paper so I thought we should go for it as it sounded worth breaking my plan for. While the boys waited in the car we had sour dough peach & cream stuffed French toast topped with almonds and Bear Creek Winery peach apricot wine sauce!!

 This restaurant is very popular with the tourists here so we don't go here much because of that, it's very busy. 
You can enlarge the below and see what this little breakfast for 2 cost plus a 6.00 tip.  
We say here the view comes with a price. 
After this we hit up the Farmer's Market (didn't buy anything just visited with friends) and a church rummage sale where I picked up a few things for the Fairy Cottage. Below is the snow white salt and pepper shakers I found brand new in the box. 
And last below our painters working on the house today. It's been real tough this summer as we barely are making 50 degrees. The painters are Cleo 70 and Carlie 73 !! They will also paint the floor of the new addition when they finish the house. Carlie and his son did all of our sheet rock in the new addition for us. 


MJ said...

Wow, but like you've said so many times and we all agree with you, the views you have are nothing short of spectacular. I think anybody that comes to Alaska is prepared for the prices and is simply awed by the scenery. You can see all the pictures in the world but nothing can compare with the real thing.

My Vintage Mending said...

Rhubarb sounds wonderful. I had to give mine to my mom because it took over my space. Love your little tray. Looks like it was worth breaking your diet for. Smiles...Renee

Sam I Am...... said...

I too love the little red house in the woods. Your S&P shakers will go perfectly in the fairy cottage! That is pricey for a breakfast but it sure looked wonderful. Around here you can't get food like that at all. How big is Homer? Population wise. Your house is going to look really good as if it didn't already. I need to make some rhubarb jam before the heat wilts mine. Enjoy your nice weather!


Is it there now like a mild winter?? I can see how you are enjoy the outdoos and delicious meal, yeahhh.
So glad to have found you, my dear Nan so far away.

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

Beautiful scenery indeed! Oh my the cost of that treat, my husband and I were in the Navy (years ago), we bought a banana split for $8 we thought that was bad, but wow, $32 plus tip, mmmmmmm Worth it, so was that banana split. :)
How cool is that, the lovely couple painting your house. I am sure that keeps them young and healthy.

LBP said...

Barely 50 degrees... I can hardly imagine. Last week we were in the 90's (which is unusual for this time of year!).

Wow, that was one costly breakfast but it also sounds delicious!



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