Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fashions of the 40's and 50's

 Nan at her sister's home, age 7, with her 3 year old nephew. I wore this beautiful red, green and yellow plaid dress and I don't have that amount of hair in one braid now!!

Nan and her Mama in Pacific Grove, CA 1947. I wore this pretty coat and don't remember the color of it.
This dress was just beautiful albeit too large from my Aunt Ruby who had fancy clothes. I must have made it fit or my Mom did. It was a small black and white check in a taffeta like fabric with a drop waist, belt, white collar and cuffs. I always had shoes and clutch to match and notice the white gloves. I'm headed to church on Easter Sunday. That is my Dad's 1950 blue and white Chevy there.  I was 14 here. 

 I'm next door at my neighbor's here posing in a shirt waist dress, the shoes we called 'Debs' and I had one pair. They were leather flats with the strap up near the ankle. One friend named Flavia had Debs in every color and made me and all the other girls quite jealous. I think those shoes were like 9 dollars not cheap in those days. All the dresses were made either by me or my Mom. 
 Here's a dotty outfit in a Jackie O style, I'm wearing pearls and a bracelet and I'm sure I had shoes and a clutch to match. 
Now this dress was a blue and white check trimmed in lace I see I have white shoes and a bracelet made with vintage buttons of my Mom's. The exact pattern is below.

 Then along came Bob I met him right after graduation from HS in Sacramento. I'm wearing the dress above in this photo and notice the flash bulbs there on the table for the camera. Photos were taken when there was an event not like we do now. 
This is a blue shirtwaist dress. I had auburn hair at this age.  Bob was 19 and I was 18.
 The above dress was a nubby wool fabric. Bob sent this photo to his Mom in Milw and she announced I looked fat!! Well the joke was on her as I was never really fat in my life and she was. This comment was a signal to me of a rocky road ahead with my mother in law.
And last this is Nan at age 19 with her 57 Chevy. We went to San Francisco in it with me driving. I'm wearing a light tan leather jacket and red skirt and white blouse. 

Well I hope you liked the walk down the fashion memory lane and thanks for always checking in with me here. 


Jane said...

Well, that sure does bring back some clothing memories of my own!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Thanks for the fashion show, Nan! I wish I had some debs! ♥

Linda Ruthie said...

Thanks for sharing your fashion show with us. You were cetainly well-dressed!

Perfectly Printed said...

Wonderful photos!!You are a wonderful seamstress!!


Inger said...

This was a fun post! You made me try to remember my own clothes from those days and they really were so different. The duffel coat, the corduroy pants, the low heeled shoes with thick soles.

Jewels said...

That was a really cool post Nan - loved seeing your fashion style back then! Thanks so much for sharing. J

My Vintage Mending said...

You haven't changed a bit. Sounds an awful lot like my mother in law. Always a complainer. The nice thing about these fashionable pictures is the outfits are timeless. Nan you always have great style...smiles...Renee

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

That brought back my memories of my Mother making my clothes. She used to make me wonderful sun dresses with "bloomer type" things that matched underneath because I was quite a clumsy girl and such. Thanks for sharing those!

Tammy's in Love said...

Fun fashion post, Nan! Pop over to my blog and see my 57 Chevy!


Sandy said...

Always fun seeing my friends through the years....lots of pretty pretty outfits, you were a clothes aficionado even then! :0 Sandy

Eurielle said...

You look so neat and stylished in all your pictures !
Thank you for the gift of a quick trip to the 50's in the US.

ImagiMeri said...

Always the stunner, you looked absolutely fabulous, and still do! Loved the fashion show.

Love ya'

Charlene said...

I LOVED the fashion show Nan! Remember seeing photos so similar from my Mom & Grandmother. I remember seeing that same pattern too. Oh my how styles change. LOVED the Jackie O look you did!!! And that auburn hair. I know how that goes too!!!!! I adore Pacific Grove!! Hope to go this July.

As for the weather... you say you're in the 60's well how about I send you 20 degrees from me to you special delivery. THEN we'd both be at 80. You wouldn't be 60 & I wouldn't be 100!!!! Have a great week!

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Nan! This is the most wonderful post. It is my favorite, even better than the moose and eagle posts! I can see that you have always been a fashionista!
And your craft room! Oh my what spaces to fill. I have just the paper project if you are looking for one. A one to one swap to make a Friendship Garland for our craft rooms. A triangle the size of copier papers of your blog and style. I would so be honored to hang one from you. Think about it, no time limit.
Always, inspiring here! E

LBP said...

I love, love, love this post! What beautiful clothing, what a beautiful girl!!!!



Paula said...

The photos are lovely! And the present day picture is great! You look wonderful.

Sandy said...

This post is so much fun Nan! I loved seeing you and Bob in you fashions through the years. How I remember dressing up on Sundays with pretty hats, gloves, shoes and dresses. Remember slips! Fon't even have any now. Remember when you didn't dare leave the house with your bra or slip straps showing! Now anything goes. Sorry for the typos for some reson I can't make corrections on my iPhone once I type them.

Storybook Woods said...

You are just beautiful Oh love the fashion. They just do not make clothes like that any more!! Oh wait you do ;-) Clarice

Miranda @ Pressing On said...

Nan, that was so much fun!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. You are quite the fashionista and I love your style, even back then. Gorgeous. (I can't believe your mother-in-law!)

Loran said...

Nan- You look a lot like my mother and I think you're just a couple years apart! We had a 56 Chevy that was originally my great grandfathers and my mom had dresses very similar to yours. I love your blog, all the sewing you do and your cute : ) I'm also giggling over the multi-colored Fiesta you use on your table. Oh, and I feel your pain about the less-than-nice mother-in-law : )

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