Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Townie Moose

 After Bob got out from his library job at 8 PM the dogs and I met up with him and we took the dogs for a walk on a trail behind our one grocery store in Homer. The bay view is visible everywhere in Homer you can see it there in the background. 
 We then went to a storage until to drop off some stuff and met Mrs. Moose. Bob is working the combination here. She had very kind eyes and her ears were forward which is a good sign. She was no trouble at all. Moose are all over town as they will start to give birth this month they come down out of the high country to get away from the bears. 
 This green plaid flannel and vintage lace is as idea I have for a half slip. I remind you our temps do not really get much over 65 here in the summer so summer and winter wearing skirts can be cool. Kids here are in shorts and flip flops around town and it's barely making 50 degrees as a high. I remember 70 degrees once here and everyone complained of the heat!!
Zipper installed by hand and lining done, waistband now on and working on hemming. A big job as it's that type hem you have to gather to fit so I must do both the lining and skirt fabric.
I close with the two boys on the rug in my craft room watching me.  They had baths today and boy did a lot of hair come out in the tub. They smell heavenly and feel like satin but they always do. 


My Vintage Mending said...

Look at those gorgeous legs...on the boys...I can't believe how light it is out so late in the evening. It must be hard to get used to. I have been jogging with Phog our mastiff and he is loving it. We are up to 1.5 miles and walking the same. I told my husband we need a more athletic dog for this exercise but we have a house full with 3...great idea on the slip. Smiles...Renee

Inger said...

Your dogs are just gorgeous and such super models. Once in our backyard in a Stockholm suburb a moose came by to visit. That wouldn't happen now since it is so built up. It must be so much fun to have them there close by. I remember them from when I lived in Jackson Hole, WY for a winter.

Debby said...

Hah, I was going to say that I wished I had those legs and then say the first comment. Hah They are beautiful boys.
That moose is a bit close. I know in fall the city of Estes in Denver have elk all over the downtown. While visiting my daughter and I went to see them. We couldn't find them. We went to a pumkin patch...a spot selling pumpkins.....and looked across the street at the high school football field. There must have been fifty elk laying and walking around on that field. It was so funny. It was a friday afternoon......we wondered how they would play football that evening, hah.
Love that plaid for a skirt.
Did you get my email about your swap partner.

vintage grey said...

How fun to have a moose so close!! Are they generally calm animals? Your dogs are just so beautiful!! xo Heather

MJ said...

Every time I see your dogs, they always look like satin to me--their coats are so beautiful. I must admit I was surprised to see you say that a lot of hair came out in the tub, they don't look like they would have the kind that would shed.

Jewels said...

Wow Moose in the back yard - how cool is that - love the picture of your beautiful boys.

Vintage Girl said...

If 70 is hot I wouldn't make it up there. Do you ever visit any place warm? Just wondering. That zipper looks wonderful! You are so good with linings/ zippers. Moose is too cute!

ImagiMeri said...

They always smell like heaven....really Nan? Me thinks you're pulling my leg. However, they are pretty, or should I say handsome.

Happy Mother's Day pretty lady.


Sam I Am...... said...

What a great view everywhere you look. I love moose but have never seen one in person...thanks for sharing yours.
I love the flannel and plaid...great idea to stay warm. The boys look like they are all stretched out. They are so attentive to you. My girls don't even stay in the same room with me....they seem to have their own life. LOL! I'm just there to answer their needs but I must say they take guarding me pretty serious.
I want to sew but I have so many outside chores right now. It will get hot this summer and then I'll be inside...sewing...hopefully!

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