Friday, May 25, 2012

Sewing, Swaps, and Moose

 The green raw silk jacket lined in green brocade. I didn't like the grading I did on the collar so I had to work on this putting in pik stitches around the collar to hold it in place and keep the under collar from rolling outward. I was not happy with my original sewing job on this (one of the first things I made when I started up last year) and I also changed out the buttons to these I like better, they are a vintage green.

 This is the moose that had a calf on Sunday. She is still here with a very small and weak calf but she is hanging in there with her or him. She comes over to our pond. The middle photo shows the calf with my zoom lens eating. She ranges out alone eating but always goes back and lies down with the calf. Gosh I hope it picks up soon. 

This great swap package arrived today from Linda who has a blog called LPB Sews. Debby over at Cozy Blanket organized the swap. I told Linda about my sewing and how hard it is to find notions here. She lives in an area of former factories that produced them! She picks up zippers at garage sales and she sent me a huge amount of them plus all kinds of seam tape and buttons. The vintage pattern is wonderful as I don't have nearly enough blouses or blouse patterns in my stash. I love the little vintage books she chose for me too and she made a lovely banner. I really stuck it lucky getting Linda in this swap. 


Perfectly Printed said...

Wow, what a fun swap! You did indeed hit the jackpot! Love the pictures of the animals that live in your neighborhood!


Jane said...

Lots of goodies in that box for sure! Classic blouse pattern too.
The poor little baby moose - glad he/she has such a good mama!
Your green jacket is such a beautiful color - yummy! I'm still thinking about your covered buttons and whether they'll lay (or lie?) flat on top of the zipper placket.

Debby said...

Love the jacket. You got so many perfect things in your swap. I paired you well.
Poor baby moose, I hope he/she will be okay. That's sad.
Happy Memorial Day.

Inger said...

I hope the calf will make it. The nature around your place is so spectacular.

Jewels said...

Love the pics of the moose...wonderful package you recieved!

My Vintage Mending said...

Nan it is always a postcard over here...Whether it is the dogs, your sewing or the wildlife...oh or your fantastic meals...Have a wonderful long holiday weekend. Smiles...Renee


You are so spot on, my dear Nan. Sorry I cannot visit your blog while in Berlin. Going back to the south of Spain and tremendous heat beginnig of june.

A Vintage Chic said...

Hi, Nan! What a gorgeous jacket you made--love that blue! And such a wonderful swap! You really DID get lucky with your partner--how thoughtful she was!

Just saw your post over at my blog. To answer your questions, she is one of my 4th great-grandmothers--we have a lot of those, don't we?!

My family has been really actively doing genealogy & collecting of family records, stories, etc. for generations--lucky me! I started taking a big interest in all of it & doing research myself when I was just it's really a big part of my life!

As the years have gone by & family members got older, many of them have given me the family records, photos, journals, letters, etc...I love reading them, using the photos...that's where I get all my stories!

Sorry such a long message, just wanted to let you know!

Hope your day is beautiful, my those moose shots!


vintage grey said...

Love your beautiful jacket Nan!! What a fun swap with such treasures!! Hope the sweet baby moose gets stronger!! Have a lovely weekend! xo Heather

Sam I Am...... said...

What a gorgeous color the jacket is. I can't see anything wrong with it but obviously you have learned a lot since you started!
What a great swap that was! I love those blouse patterns and all the goodies she sent. You did good! Happy Memorial Day weekend and I pray the baby moose gets healthy.

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