Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nancy Drew and other Wildlife

 My sister Lois in San Francisco in the early 40's where she and her husband had a flat as he was stationed at the Presidio. Her suit is very similar to the one I'm making don't you think ! Oh I adore her hat! She loved SF all her life and took me there to introduce me to the big city. 
Lois and Jimmy, just had gotten married. He was a nurse in the army, a very kind and caring person all his life who we all loved. I was only 4 years old when my sister had her first of three children. We were 21 years apart no one in-between and the same parents.  
 Working on my Nancy Drew jacket slowly but surely it is nearing completion. I was going to put the lining in by machine but switched to all hand work as I just hate the way the machine is harder to control than hand sewing is. You will see a substantial 'drop pleat' at the bottom of the lining, this gives you extra room in linings to fill out and move without pulls. 

 The boys wanted to be in the photo. The jacket does not have the sleeve hem in yet nor the button holes, then I'll be finished and make the skirt next.
 A view at my second cabinet. The shelves that connect the two at the top are being made right now by my friend who did all this work for me. I gave lots of my fabric to my friend Cookie who has the nursery. I have more than what you see here in bins but I got rid of stuff I just didn't think I'd use the way I'm sewing now.
 This silk arrived recently in this gorgeous two tone color, this is China Silk and it's simply the richest fabric to touch. Can you imagine this in those long dresses of the 1800's where they used yards and yards of the stuff? 
 I've been collecting tatting from Etsy (very reasonable) and this fabric under it is white Batiste for a slip for my daughter trimmed in the tatting. 
I think they call this panne velvet, but I loved the magenta color and will make myself a top for the Fall this year to wear with a black skirt or black pants. 
Outside report. 
Bob is working on leveling the dog's potty pen this Spring. He has progressed more since I took this. I assist by lifting here and there and doing what he says.
Three pairs of cranes have been visiting, one will win out as claiming this territory and hopefully nesting here. They see themselves in the reflection and this one is visiting my back lower deck door. Ha ha it's always the males that do this! Remember the flock of 40 ducks we had last year? One couple nested here in the beginning of the summer and just Friday they returned! I can't wait to see if they nest again then bring all their relatives by to eat the corn. 


Debby said...

The jacket look so nice with the boys' eyes, hah. Beautiful color. I love how they always get in the picture and pose. So funny.
Love your friend looking in.
My mother's name is Lois.
Is it warming up.....I don't see snow on the ground.
Choosing partners tomorrow for the swap.

GardenofDaisies said...

That silk looks beautiful! The suits your sister is wearing really do remind me of the suits Nancy Drew wore in the illustrations. I LOVED those books and read every single one of them.

Sandy said...

I can't believe how quickly you make your beautiful jackets. They are stunning and it's so cute and funny how the boys want to be in your pictures. Your sister Lois was so pretty. My Mom was 22 years older than me. That's quite a span between you and your sister. More photos of your new craft/sewing room please.


How fabulous all the little stories, and pics.

Perfectly Printed said...

Your jacket is lovely...I loved reading Nancy Drew!!! How fun to have a "big" sister to show you around San Francisco! And I love how the crane appears to be looking inside to see what's going on!

Inger said...

So much to comment on here. The crane is amazing, the jacket beautiful, and your dogs posing as if they were taking part in a photo shoot for some major magazine! You should see the pictures I tried to take of Samson in the dark outside. Lots of white fur and a big furry tail is all I got.

My Vintage Mending said... husband and his brother were 17 years apart. However his sister is in between. Do the dogs bark at the crane? That would put my dogs over the edge...I have been doing lots of hand work. It comes out so much more beautifully. Loving the photos...thanks for sharing. Smiles..Renee

Sam I Am...... said...

Your "boys" are so sweet! I love how they are so attentive to you and interested in all you do. Nitty, my Rott, is never interested and sleeps most of the day. I think it's because she guards me at night and doesn't sleep much. Annie is up during the day more. The suit is really coming along and I imagine the jacket is the most time consuming. Looks really nice. Nice pics of your Sister and her husband. My Mother was a nurse in WW2. That's amazing 21 years between children. My Mom was the youngest of 6 and there was 20 years between her oldest brother and her but there were 4 kids in between too. My Aunt and Uncle were like my grandparents.
T hey had a roadrunner down here that was doing the same thing...courting a reflection of themselves in the glass. The roadrunner brought gifts too! Dead bugs, lizards etc. LOL!
Great stash of fabric there! I need to buy more! Ha! Ha! Oh, and sew too!

By Nela said...

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MJ said...

Loved Nancy Drew--my sister passed hers on to me and just about the time I thought I finally finished all of them a new one would come out. I passed them on to my daughters and my oldest one still has them.

Storybook Woods said...

What a sweet photo pf your sister and FIL. I was born in SF and my father too. That city has a soft spot in my heart. Clarice

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I LOVE Nancy Drew! =)

Anita - Soaring Eagle said...

That crane was something else. Great picture and so funny.

Of course your talent as a seamstress is a given! My sister was 9 years older than I, so we were never close.

Your dogs are so cute posing like that. You could make a real neat calendar using them!

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